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All In An Evening

The sky last Tuesday evening proved to be quite interesting.

First, around 7:30, Motor Man spotted this beautiful white cloud over the marina, and I headed outside with the camera.

white cloud 6-10-2014 7-31-23 PM

Further to the west, about 30 minutes later, the setting sun was hidden behind clouds.

further west 6-10-2014 7-55-47 PM

Oh, look who came to watch the sunset with me.

groom 6-10-2014 7-58-53 PM

I think he knows I like taking pictures of him, especially this time of day.

sunset groom 6-10-2014 8-05-29 PM

It’s starting to get dark, Groom; you’d better be going wherever it is that swans go at night.

groom and clouds 6-10-2014 8-06-02 PM

And, finally, this of the sun reflecting in another white cloud; it’s the last picture I took that evening, about an hour after the first one.

pink cloud over marina 6-10-2014 8-29-43 PM

Groom Swan and I certainly enjoyed the show.

~These Days Of  Mine~

Osprey Update

A couple of weeks ago, I shared news that osprey had built a nest on the breakwater at the marina in front of our house.

GP osprey  4-17-2014 5-13-42 PM

Since we discovered the nest, we’ve tried to determine the best location for photographing it. I believe this picture was taken from one of our upstairs windows.

two ospreys on nest 4-18-2014 2-44-47 PM

I took this one morning around sunrise from our deck.

osprey nest at sunrise 4-22-2014 6-17-03 AM

Knowing very little nothing about ospreys and their nests, I have to wonder how concerned they’ll be as, with the warmer weather, the water and marina get busier with people.  The nest is so close to the dock.

This was yesterday afternoon.

sunbathers and osprey nest 5-4-2014 6-01-34 PM

In the summer months, this is a very busy area with boaters and sunbathers. I hope the osprey don’t mind a crowd in their neighborhood.

~These Days Of Mine~


Our view here at home is ever-changing.

Sunrise, January 31, ice on the water.

icy marina at sunrise 1-31-2014 6-58-36 AM

February 12, a snowy afternoon.

deck 2-12-2014 4-31-48 PM

February 21, severe thunderstorm warning and tornado watch. Yes, that’s wind on the water.

storm clouds 2-21-2014 1-04-37 PM

February 25, a lavender sky at sunrise.

lavender 2-25-2014 6-40-10 AM

(Although beautiful in their own way, I’m ready to replace the winter views with spring ones.)

~These Days Of Mine~


I’ve been at this blogging “business” for a little over three years now. And for the most part, topics for my daily posts seem to come easily.

Not so this week. This week, I’ve struggled for ideas.

fog 1-13-2014 10-36-057

Maybe it’s writer’s block.

tree on james1 1-5-2014 2-14-006

Perhaps it’s because it’s been a quiet week; I’ve spent much of it at the office, preparing tax information for the CPA.

boats at sunset 12-2-2013 4-27-34 AM

Thankfully, tomorrow is Random Five Friday, and then the weekend. Maybe by next week, I’ll have some interesting things to share.

sunrise 1-22-2014 6-44-31 PM

Because, after all, blogging isn’t supposed to be a chore…

~These Days Of Mine~

While We Wait….

Well, winter storm #2 is scheduled to hit us later today.   The weather folks are guessing predicting 2-5 inches for our immediate area. Or 7-10 inches, depending on which tv station you watch.

I can’t help but think that, if my mother were here, she’d have a pretty good idea of what to expect. She’d either say that she wasn’t “studyin’ {worrying} about that storm”, meaning that the storm won’t amount to anything. Or she’d say: “Papa used to say when you see {insert reference to some sign in nature}, we were going to have a heavy snow”, meaning we’d better batten down the hatches.

Yesterday, our high temp was 63. Around sunset, I happened to glance out the window, and immediately ran to get the camera out of my car.

As soon as I stepped out of the door, I took this first picture. I was afraid the sun would slip below those dark clouds, and I’d lose that gorgeous golden light on the marsh.

marina1a 1-27-2014 4-54-23 PM 1-27-2014 4-54-23 PM

 I’ve taken dozens, maybe hundreds, of photos of the marina in all sorts of weather (and shared many of them with you), but I’ve never seen the colors as vivid as they were yesterday afternoon.

marina 1-27-2014 4-55-10 PM

And the entire time I was taking pictures, these friends were waiting impatiently for corn. (I fed them an extra amount to fortify them for the storm.)

duckies 1-27-2014 4-55-33 PM

The light was changing quickly; the dark blues were becoming more aqua.

snow clouds2 1-27-2014 4-55-26 PM

Quite a change in our weather today. This morning, it’s 26.

And now, we watch and wait…

~These Days Of Mine~

Misty Morning Fog

Saturday morning was a beautiful, foggy autumn morning. Motor Man and I were up early, so we drove all around our little part of the country. Believe it or not, I took a few pictures.

This was taken just before sunrise from the bridge in the nearby little waterfront village of Rescue.

fog at rescue bridge 10-25-2013 7-19-32 PM

Once we crossed the bridge, Motor Man turned around, so I could get pictures from the other side.

sunrise from the bridge 10-25-2013 7-21-40 PM

I can usually count on the scene from this little bridge, which crosses Jones Creek, to be picturesque.

workboats1 10-25-2013 7-23-10 PM

Leaving Rescue, heading home, we pass through Battery Park, another tiny waterfront village.  This buoy marker, just off shore, is in the Pagan River.

buoy marker 10-25-2013 7-27-04 PM

And, as is usually the case, the best view of all is the one from home.

foggy marina 10-25-2013 7-34-00 PM

~The End.~

Sunrise Saturday Returns!

Although it’s nice to have the weekends “off” from blogging, I must admit that I sometimes miss Sunrise Saturdays and Sunset Sundays.

So, today, a few recent sunrises that I thought were especially interesting.

A rather dramatic sunrise the morning of May 17.

sunrise 5-17

May 23. From the looks of those clouds, I’m thinking this may have been all we saw of the sun that day.


June 6. My mom used to call clouds like these “mares’ tails.”


And, finally, two pictures of the sunrise on June 8.  This one was taken at 5:40.


And this one was at 5:55; once again reminding us of how quickly the skies can change.


Where we live, this time of year affords us the best view of the sunrises and sunsets, and I try to “catch” as many of them as possible.

A hint about tomorrow’s post: it isn’t a Sunset Sunday….