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Little Girls Enchanted

In Friday’s post, I mentioned a birthday party this weekend for our great niece, Livy. (I think the correct term may be grand niece, but that just sounds a little formal.)

It was a pool party.  With a real mermaid.

mermaid 7-12-2014 2-25-27 PM

I didn’t even know there were real mermaids.

mermaid2 7-12-2014 2-18-12 PM

This mermaid’s name is “Hales”, and it’s obvious that the little girls at the party were enchanted with her. That’s birthday girl on the right and her younger sister, Lily, getting mermaid tattoos.

mermaid with livy and lily 7-12-2014 3-02-25 PM

Livy and Lily’s mom made the mermaid cupcakes (with tails of white chocolate). There was “Ocean Water” (Sprite) to drink.

cupcakes and ocean water 7-12-2014 3-06-38 PM

Livy’s gift from Motor Man and me was a ring holder (with a mermaid, of course) and a handmade card (with a mermaid, of course).

livy edited-001

All too soon, it was time to say good-bye to Mermaid Hales.

bye mermaid 7-12-2014 3-15-34 PM

And I’ll bet you didn’t think mermaids were real, either, did you?