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I Cannot Imagine

I cannot imagine sending my little one off to school one morning….and not having him return home.

school bus 4-2-2005 4-34-20 PM 4-2-2005 4-34-20 PM

I cannot imagine such a heartbreaking, abrupt end to childhood birthday parties,

marshalls 7th bd

And snaggle-toothed school pictures,

marshall school pic

And sleepy-eyed, tousled-haired Christmas mornings.

marshall christmas-002

I cannot imagine another human robbing me of the opportunity to know my child as an adult.

marshall mom

I cannot imagine the pain in Newtown, Connecticut.


I can imagine those children in a safe place now, where they’ll never be harmed again.

I can imagine the people of the world praying for those who hurt.

I can imagine healing, albeit slow, for the people of Newtown.

And I can imagine all of us keeping them close in thought in the coming days.

internet photo