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Carova Recovers

In the past month, Hurricane Julia and Hurricane Matthew collectively dumped nearly 30 inches of rain on the Outer Banks.

In those 4 weeks,  travel in the 4-wheel drive area of Carova has been very limited due to flooded “streets”. Motor Man and I have visited a couple of times, but since we were only able to drive on the beach, we hadn’t seen many horses.  We tried again over the weekend, and were able to drive on some of the streets on the back side of the dunes.


A couple of weeks ago, FEMA began pumping water from some of the streets, and sand is being brought in to fill low-lying areas.


Most of the roads are still quite a mess.


We spoke with a deputy who told us that, just this week, they’d rescued folks who had been stranded in some of the homes since the storm. Although they were safe, they were running low on essentials, and the water was still preventing them from leaving their homes.

We were able to spot 16 horses while in the area, including these two who were nose-to-nose.


And this one, who seems to have had enough of the flood-waters and was looking for a room.


Although the horses really haven’t been bothered by the flooding, we’re happy for the residents that the area is slowly returning to normal.


As for us being able to visit again, well, that’s just a bonus.

~These Days Of Mine~


Gotta Have A Horse Post

It’s rare that a week passes here at These Days without at least one horse-related post.  For this week’s entry, I’m sharing pictures from a trip we made to the Outer Banks about 10 days ago.  It was another beautiful day at the beach. We saw 34 horses, and although I’m always excited to see any of them, we had a special treat that day.

foal and parents 6-18-2016 10-47-03 AM

This is the third foal born to the Corolla herd this season; she was introduced on the Corolla Wild Horse Fund page on June 13. (So far, we’ve been fortunate enough to see two of the three. We saw baby North Star with our friends Renee and Mike, as shared in this post from last month.)

I had my lens zoomed in as much as possible while taking these pictures. (I’m trying to be good, hoping Santa may bring me a larger lens for Christmas….)

4 and baby 6-18-2016 10-50-17 AM

Sweet baby, beautiful Mom.

baby and mom 6-18-2016 10-47-48 AM

I’m anxiously awaiting an announcement on a name for this little girl.

Meanwhile, we also saw these two beauties.  In the past, I have referred to them as having “blonde” manes.  A friend of mine with extensive horse knowledge kindly let me know that the correct term is “flaxen”.

2 flaxens 6-18-2016 12-54-46 PM

And I was pleased with this picture of one of the horses having lunch on a dune.

horse on dune 6-18-2016 10-41-42 AM

And that concludes this week’s obligatory horse post.

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Is it just me or are the weeks really flying by? It’s Friday again already. Let’s see if I can come up with five random thoughts today:

1.) Gypsy is demanding that I share this latest picture of her. She was being particularly gorgeous one day earlier this week. Those eyes….


2.) Our trees seem to have all-of-a-sudden realized it’s fall, and that they should be dressed in their autumnal colors.


3.) Last Friday evening, I took this picture of the (almost) full moon. Sorry for the rerun, Facebook friends!

moon 11-7-2014 7-30-40 PM

 4.) The supplies arrived yesterday for the Christmas cards I’ll be making. No, I won’t be sharing a photo. Yet.

5.) Motor Man, I am officially missing my wild horses….

horse looking down 10-4-2014 2-14-51 PM

*Bonus: I was awakened this morning around 5 to the sound of sleet (briefly) on our windows. I hope this isn’t how our winter is shaping up to be.

I’m patiently waiting to read your randomness….

~These Days Of Mine~

Where I Go For Quiet

When I saw this as one of the prompts for Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop this week, I immediately chose it:

1.) Show us where you go for quiet.

And it should come as no surprise to my readers that my quiet place is the beach, with my Motor Man, preferably around sunrise.

sunrise and fence9-5-2014 6-46-32 AM 9-5-2014 6-46-32 AM

Oh, the word in the prompt was “quiet”?  Well, then, just never mind the crash of the waves against the shore.

sun and pelican 8-21-2014 6-44-33 AM

And disregard the “chattering” of shore birds.

birds 8-4-2014 9-28-26 AM

And the occasional soft clopping of horses’ hooves on the sand.

horse1 9-26-2013 1-12-22 PM

 Or the crunching of a horse eating sea oats.

horse and sea oats 6-23-2013 9-06-51 AM

Now that I  think about it, “quiet” can sometimes be a bit overrated.

Where do YOU go for quiet?

Linking up to Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop.

Mama’s Losin’ It

~These Days Of Mine~

The Day Began With A Hamburger Sun

Friday, Motor Man took off for a couple of days and headed to the Outer Banks.

We were on the beach very early Saturday morning. It was a gray, cloudy morning with an unusual sunrise. Motor Man joked that, shortly after it rose, the sun resembled a hamburger.

hamburger sun 8-30-2014 6-34-06 AM

We saw 32 horses, including this one taking a cattle egret for a ride, bareback.

egret 8-30-2014 8-20-06 AM

There are numerous canals just off the beach near Carova. We’ve only once before seen horses in a canal, but three were taking a dip Saturday morning.

3 in canal 8-30-2014 7-30-55 AM

While we were watching, this one emerged from behind the shrubbery on the side. This was my favorite picture taken of the horses that day.

horse coming out of canal 8-30-2014 7-32-01 AM

On ‘Penny’s Hill’, we found evidence of a wedding that had taken place the day before. The signs read: ” Cassie & Hank, August 29, 2014. Shoes here. Vows there. Love everywhere.” Even seeing evidence of a past wedding makes me smile.

wedding 8-30-2014 8-39-49 AM

We drove down to Cape Hatteras later in the day, and stopped at the Hatteras Lighthouse (no, we didn’t climb it). By then, the skies had cleared, and it was a pretty day for pictures.

hatteras light 8-30-2014 12-46-04 PM

We ended the day with an evening walk on the beach with friends.

bev and tanner 8-30-2014 7-39-38 PM

The hamburger sun was the beginning of a fun Saturday.

~These Days Of Mine~

We Now Resume Regular Programming…

….and I’m back, after a week’s blogging vacation. This was the first hiatus I’ve taken since I began blogging nearly four years ago. It was a nice break, but I did miss posting.

When last we visited, I was stressing about the rain chances for our family reunion, which was Saturday, August 2.  And… it did rain. So, for the second year in a row, we entertained in our garage, amongst the hoes, rakes, ladders, etc.  But no one seemed to mind at all.  And we doubled our number of guests from last year: this year, we had 18.

It was a very busy week.  We enjoyed my niece, Donna,  and her son, Connor, being with us. Motor Man and I always try to find fun adventures for Connor while they are here. (Contrary to what he says: we don’t just ride, eat and take photos.)

He sat in a hydroplane (race boat) at Motor Man’s shop:

connor in hydro 8-1-2014 1-46-34 PM

And took a short ride (after he posed for this picture) in what may well be the world’s fastest “souped-up” golf cart:

connor on golf cart 8-4-2014 3-20-27 PM

We went to see “my” horses on the Outer Banks.

horses and 4 of us 8-4-2014 11-11-20 AM

We had lunch (there’s the eating part again) with his Aunt Barb and Grandma June:

donna june barb connor1 8-1-2014 12-58-41 PM

We also did a little beachcombing, took a drive out in the country and had lunch with my friend, Donna. (Connor may be onto something about us eating all the time).

Before we knew it, the week was over, and it was time to say good-bye.

bye pic 8-6-2014 9-26-26 AM

Is it too early to start the countdown until their next visit? I didn’t think so.

~These Days Of Mine~

A New Fan

Motor Man and I were on/in/at the Outer Banks last week, and it just so happened that my friend, Donna, was also there on vacation with relatives. As much as Donna loves horses, she had never been to the Corolla area to see the wild horses.

So we were happy to introduce her to “my” horses.

We saw twelve during our morning on the beach, including these two. Donna said that she thought it to be a mother and her young colt. Perhaps the two of them realize that soon, he will be forced to leave the harem and find a mare of his own.

horses nuzzlin 7-23-2014 8-33-31 AM

Then Mom decided to roll over and have a good back scratch.  I love to see them do this; it must really feel good to kick up your heels like that.

roll over 7-23-2014 8-34-40 AM

 (groan)….time to get up….  Oh wait, that’s the sound I make when I get up in the morning….

time to get up 7-23-2014 8-35-01 AM

As much fun as it was to see those two, this is probably my favorite picture I took that day.

horse and egret 7-23-2014 8-40-35 AM

 We also saw this “Beach Boy” up on one of the dunes.

beach boy1 7-23-2014 8-57-42 AM 7-23-2014 8-57-42 AM

What a fun morning the three of us had.

db jr donna 7-23-2014 9-15-40 AM

And Motor Man was such a good sport, putting up with our antics. And the horses definitely have a new fan.

~These Days Of Mine~