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Random Five Friday

Closing out the week with some randomness:

1.) Motor Man and I took a quick day trip to the Carova area of the Outer Banks earlier this week.  We actually lost count of how many horses we saw ON. THE. BEACH. The flies were bothersome, and when that happens, the horses head to the water’s edge for relief.  And because so many harems were in the same location, there was lots of action among the stallions.

2.) For the past few weeks, I’ve been fighting what I thought was tendonitis in my foot. An urgent care visit last week, along with a week’s regimen of prednisone, icing, and compressing provided no relief. So yesterday, I saw my podiatrist. After an x-ray, which showed no fractures, he diagnosed severe inflammation. An ouchie cortisone shot followed, and now I’m in a surgical boot until there’s some relief.  But….the squirrel bird feeders were empty, so… (And, yes, Motor Man would gladly have filled them for me, but I’m a bit on the stubborn side.)

3.) It seems I now have a pet crow.  He sits on this almost-too-small perch and caws at me while I’m in the yard.

4.) I thought this was an interesting shot.  As you may recall reading here before, Gypsy loves playing in her water bowl.  I’m not sure the reason why. Earlier this week, she jumped up in my lap immediately after some water-play. You just gotta love the durability of denim.

5.) This Sunday is our annual memorial day service at the “Old Brick Church” Cemetery in Bacon’s Castle. It’s a tradition that began LONG before my time. Weather permitting, the service is held outside near the ruins of the old church c. 1639. At this time, it’s looking as though, this year, we’ll be having it inside at a nearby church.

Enjoy your weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~

Memorial Day At Brick Church

For many years, a memorial service has taken place on the third Sunday in May at the cemetery, near Bacon’s Castle, where nearly all my ancestors are buried.

Yesterday, Motor Man and I attended. Less than 30 minutes before time for the service to begin, a brief shower came through the area.

brick church 5-17-2015 2-30-32 PM

I wrote about the cemetery, known locally as “Brick Church” in this post from 2011. The physical appearance of the building changed drastically when it was damaged during Hurricane Isabel. But the familiarity of the grounds is the same as I remember from the first time I stepped foot there as a small child.

brick church interior 5-17-2015 2-45-04 PM

Walking through the cemetery, I pass the graves of my parents, my sister, grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins from both “sides” of my family.

These are the graves of my maternal great grandparents, John and Ross Anna Warren. The “anna” portion of my name is for her. Had Marshall been a girl, her name would have been Amanda Ross. My mom was twelve when her grandmother died; how I wish I’d asked her to share with me her memories of my namesake.

 john and ross anna 5-17-2015 2-43-00 PM 5-17-2015 2-43-00 PM

Brick Church is a beautiful place with old, old tombstones, fences and gates.

gate 5-17-2015 3-41-44 PM

The cemetery is situated directly beside a highway: two-laned, but busy. When I was in elementary school, our bus driver, Miss Annie Rose, was an older lady who lived in the community.  If a funeral was being held on a particular afternoon, she would inform us as we boarded the bus for the ride home. She taught us the importance of being quiet and respectful. And, as a bus full of boisterous school children passed the cemetery, you could have heard a pin drop.

My respect for The Old Brick Church Cemetery was instilled upon me from an early age, not just by Miss Annie Rose on the bus, but also by my mom during our visits there.

But my appreciation for its beauty and history has  been learned through the years.

~These Days Of Mine~