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“Bloom Where You’re Planted”

The title of today’s post is one of my favorite quotes and seems fitting for my annual post, sharing photos of this summer’s flowers in and around our yard.

This old wheelbarrow has been a fixture on our front porch for several years. As usual, a sweet potato vine is part of this summer’s display, along with a gerbera daisy, blooming proudly.

wheelbarrow 8-9-2014 12-41-54 PM

I love to shop the plant clearance aisles at Lowe’s or Home Depot. This orange zinnia was on sale earlier this summer for a couple of dollars. It just needed a little love.

orange zinnia 8-9-2014 12-42-17 PM

Another sale item: this gorgeous petunia. (It was rather sad looking when I brought it home. I think it’s happier on our deck than it was on the clearance rack at Lowe’s.)

pink petunias 8-17-2014 3-08-37 PM

I’d never thought of planting purslane in a flowerbed rather than a container until I saw it at the entrance to a business in town. (The yellow lantana, vinca and zinnia were planted last year; I’m happy they’re back.)

front flowerbed purslane 8-9-2014 12-43-10 PM

Speaking of purslane, I love this variegated one that I planted in an old enamel coffeepot.

purslane in coffeepot and mini birdbath 8-9-2014 12-47-22 PM

A friend gave me this huge hanging begonia for my birthday. I don’t have anywhere to hang it, so it will have afternoon shade. But it seems content on the deck.

janets begonia 8-9-2014 12-47-34 PM

And, last but not least,  “that ol moss”, planted in an old tea kettle that I found recently at an antique shop. It’s mine for now, but, in the future, could be a gift for a friend.

that old moss 8-17-2014 3-09-09 PM 8-17-2014 3-09-09 PM

I’ll miss all these blooms when summer’s over.

~These Days Of Mine~