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Random Five Friday

Almost the weekend, and time for a little randomness:

1.) My little hummie waited impatiently last night for me to freshen his nectar, then quickly stopped by to enjoy.

hummie 8-13-2015 7-56-05 PM

2.) I’ve shared with you before that Sundae loves us to put her “blankie” over her when she’s on our bed.  And, that she wreaks havoc on our upstairs guest room bed, trying to get under the throw at the foot of the bed. Well, she now has a new trick.  She’s learned how to get under the quilt on our downstairs guest room bed. All by herself.

That "lump" is Sundae

That “lump” is Sundae

3.) Remember this plant combo that I bought recently for the table on our deck?

deck plant 7-23-2015 6-20-37 AM

Apparently, our resident deer decided to climb the three steps to our deck and dine on the sweet potato vine. Now that we know they can maneuver steps, perhaps we should invite them over one evening.  Anyone know what beverage goes with sweet potato vine?

deck plant after 8-10-2015 2-22-26 PM

4.) On a recent trip home from the Outer Banks, Motor Man stopped me by Aggie’s pasture, so I could give her a treat. While we were there, a passing driver tooted the car horn, and I looked to see that it was an NC State Trooper.  (Guess he’s an Aggie fan, too.)

aggies treat 8-10-2015 11-31-42 AM

I was somewhat in disbelief when I got back in our vehicle, then Motor Man burst my bubble with his version of this plaque we saw in Cracker Barrel:


His version:  “That trooper said: ‘Don’t flatter yourself, cowgirl, I was blowing at the horse’ “.

5.) Tuesday evening, around sunset, we had rain across the river to our east. The clouds made for some amazing scenery.

marina clouds 8-11-2015 7-45-39 PM


Happy weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~

“Bloom Where You’re Planted”

The title of today’s post is one of my favorite quotes and seems fitting for my annual post, sharing photos of this summer’s flowers in and around our yard.

This old wheelbarrow has been a fixture on our front porch for several years. As usual, a sweet potato vine is part of this summer’s display, along with a gerbera daisy, blooming proudly.

wheelbarrow 8-9-2014 12-41-54 PM

I love to shop the plant clearance aisles at Lowe’s or Home Depot. This orange zinnia was on sale earlier this summer for a couple of dollars. It just needed a little love.

orange zinnia 8-9-2014 12-42-17 PM

Another sale item: this gorgeous petunia. (It was rather sad looking when I brought it home. I think it’s happier on our deck than it was on the clearance rack at Lowe’s.)

pink petunias 8-17-2014 3-08-37 PM

I’d never thought of planting purslane in a flowerbed rather than a container until I saw it at the entrance to a business in town. (The yellow lantana, vinca and zinnia were planted last year; I’m happy they’re back.)

front flowerbed purslane 8-9-2014 12-43-10 PM

Speaking of purslane, I love this variegated one that I planted in an old enamel coffeepot.

purslane in coffeepot and mini birdbath 8-9-2014 12-47-22 PM

A friend gave me this huge hanging begonia for my birthday. I don’t have anywhere to hang it, so it will have afternoon shade. But it seems content on the deck.

janets begonia 8-9-2014 12-47-34 PM

And, last but not least,  “that ol moss”, planted in an old tea kettle that I found recently at an antique shop. It’s mine for now, but, in the future, could be a gift for a friend.

that old moss 8-17-2014 3-09-09 PM 8-17-2014 3-09-09 PM

I’ll miss all these blooms when summer’s over.

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Can you believe it’s Friday again? Where did that week go? Oh well, here’s some randomness from the past few days.

1.)  There are certain shrubs/flowers that always remind me of my mom.  Of course, there are hydrangea (high geraniums to her), gladioli (which I’m pretty sure she called gladiolias), and irises. And I have all of those in my yard. But there are others that remind me of her even more, and I think it’s because I DON’T have those: snowball bushes, bridal wreath, and until recently: weigela.  Last summer, I bought a tiny weigela shrub twig on sale at Lowe’s for no more than a couple of dollars. I was so excited to notice yesterday that it’s blooming.

weigela 5-1-2014 10-24-56 AM

2.) Speaking of flowers, I think I’m finally in the mood to begin the visits to the nurseries/greenhouses. Last summer, I took photos of some of my favorite containers, so I have an idea of what I’d like to buy. I’ll definitely be trying this combo again.

mexican petunia

3.)  Yesterday morning, Bride Swan was back for a visit, and this time, Groom was with her. One day, I WILL get a shot of their necks forming a heart shape.

almost heart 5-1-2014 3-34-49 PM

They stayed all day and were here for the sunset.

bride groom sunset 5-1-2014 7-42-06 PM

4.) Have you been missing Sundae here on These Days? She’s doing just fine. I caught her, recently, enjoying a morning sun puddle.

sundae sun puddle 4-4-2014 10-49-55 AM

5.) Motor Man and I are looking forward to a weekend adventure of a different sort; details next week!

~These Days Of Mine~

A Backyard Whodunit

Whenever I’m in antique or thrift shops, I’m always on the look-out for little wooden stools  and childrens’ chairs to use in my flower beds.  For example, I placed a potted sweet potato vine on this little chair last year.

sweet potato vine 2009 9-14-2009 9-53-53 AM

Early one morning last week, I was out in the yard, filling bird baths and feeders and just checking on things in general, and I saw this.

broken chair1

And it stopped me in my tracks. One of my little chairs, broken into several pieces. It was originally in the flowerbed, just to the left of that yellow blooming plant.

 I must admit that it frightened me at first. For one thing, this happened right in front of our bedroom. (Those are our bedroom windows you can see in the background.) Who – or what – would break that little chair?  And why?

This was the flowerpot that had been on the chair.

broken chair flowerpot

I began gathering up all the parts, still in disbelief.

pieces parts

And then…. a clue.


Deer hoof prints. Well, that explains what did the damage. But the question “why” still remained.

Then, I did what I normally do when something needs to be repaired (at least portable things): I put all the parts in a box and took them to Motor Man at our shop.

chair parts in box

And, after several days of trying to fit them all back together, we were left with yet another question. Why would the pieces of the back section not fit correctly like they did before?

With no answer to that question, I now have a wooden stool.

portulaca on wooden stool

I’m still wondering what that innocent little chair did to infuriate that (or those)deer?

Wordless Wednesday – It’s What’s Bloomin’

Mexican petunia, sweet potato vine and “Peter’s Gold Carpet”.

mexican petunia

“Heirloom” petunia

heirloom petunia basket





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Our Yard In Autumn

Although spring and summer are gone, there are a few plants still growing and blooming around our homeplace.  If I find that something flourishes in a certain place, I’ll take pictures, so that I can remember where the plants are happiest.

I’ve finally gotten muhly grass to survive through the summer, and now we have these beautiful wispy purple “blooms” out by the old boat. Now that it’s established, it shouldn’t need much attention.

This sweet potato vine has been in the old wheelbarrow on the front porch all summer. It’s still putting on a show, competing now with yellow and orange mums.

The celosia returns every year. Motor Man always comments on the bright red blooms.

You may recall that, during the summer, I shared pictures of a black-eyed susan vine that reached the top of this trellis on our deck.  I’m sorry to report that I neglected to water that for a few days, resulting in its untimely demise.

Into its place, I moved this pot of HUGE coleus from another location in the yard.

And, last but not least, the pansies I’ve planted in our window boxes on the deck are a yellow/lavender/purple combination.

This year, I’m paying special attention to what plants/flowers are still doing well late in the season. Because….my friend’s son and his fiancee are planning to get married in our yard next September.

And, you can be sure that I won’t forget to water the black-eyed susan vine next year.

Wordless Wednesday – Family Resemblance

(Our “Cousin Itt” sweet potato vine.)

(The original Addams Family Cousin Itt.)

Internet image

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