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Recently, Motor Man and I took off for a day trip to the Outer Banks. It’s wonderful being semi-retired.

The beach could not have been better for a drive. The sand was packed down hard,  so for much of the time, we weren’t even in four-wheel drive.

Tree stumps are proof of just how far the land has receded over the years. (Notice the difference in color in these two photos: the one above was taken through the windshield, and I was out of the vehicle to take this next one.)

But sometimes, in search of horses, we have to go “off road”. Let’s just say that we were up close and personal with some tree branches along here.

The horses are usually more difficult to find in the winter months, and this time was no exception.  We only saw one, but what made this especially interesting was the song playing on our radio when we spotted him….

A Horse With No Name“.

~These Days Of Mine~

Enough Already, Julia

Tropical Storm Julia dropped in to our area for a visit last week, and bless her heart, the girl didn’t know when to leave.

Every day this week has been a wash-out.  In our rain gauge, we measured 4.5 inches. But, to the south of us, near the Virginia/North Carolina state line and on to the Outer Banks, they had reports of over 12 inches of rain.

Motor Man and I had an errand to run in the Outer Banks area yesterday.  Since we were so close to where “my” wild horses are, we decided to venture up that way.

For those of you familiar with the area, this was just one of many places where the highway flooded between the towns of  Duck and Corolla.


We didn’t see it causing anyone problems though.  Everyone was making it through okay.


When we got to the four-wheel drive area of Carova, we found the beach was in excellent condition for driving.  It was also a busy place with folks enjoying the first sunny day this week.


But, traveling over the dunes to the “back roads” was out of the question – at least for us. We tried several places, but this is what we saw each time.


We had given up hope of seeing horses since, many times, the back roads are where we see them. But, then….


We spotted four beauties on the ocean side of one of the dunes.   They looked so healthy, and what gorgeous manes.


So we had the trauma excitement of driving through flood waters (see video below) and, against what we thought were all odds, managed to see horses.

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Post-birthday random five:

1.)  Motor Man and I went to the Outer Banks last weekend.  Our planned afternoon of riding on the beach, looking for the wild horses didn’t go quite as we planned.  The sand was in such treacherous condition, after a couple of miles, we decided it best that we turn around.  I didn’t draw a deep breath until we were back on the hard surface.

sand 5-31-2015 6-28-06 PM

2.) Since we didn’t see any horses on the beach, it’s a good thing we stopped to visit Aggie on the way home. We gave her a granola bar and an apple.

db and aggie 6-1-2015 1-32-42 PM

3.) Sundae has been at it again:  what in the WORLD was she trying to do to the guest room bed? Final score:  Sundae, 1 coverlets, 0.

upstairs bedroom 6-4-2015 9-27-58 AM

4.) We’ve had rain for the past three days.  And at times, that rain has been heavy.  Yesterday, my little hummie was here during a downpour.

hummie 6-4-2015 11-01-13 AM

5.) I had a wonderful birthday.  Shopping and lunch with a friend on Wednesday, lunch with another friend yesterday, dinner and dessert with more friends, Marshall and Motor Man last night.  And lunch with another friend planned for next week.

fun with silly string

fun with silly string

marshall sundae db jr best 6-4-2015 8-08-44 PM

Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes.

~These Days Of Mine~





What A Difference A Click Makes

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Motor Man and I went to the Outer Banks Saturday and drove up on the beach at Carova.

It’s a habit of mine to always take a picture of the beach as we’re riding along. Today, I’m sharing the picture I took Saturday, but I’m also showing you how one little mouse click can change a photo.

My camera is capable of doing SO much more than I currently do with it. And, perhaps one day, I’ll learn what all those settings mean.  But, in the meantime, I have a secret weapon that I sometimes use to spice up a picture.

This was the original picture I took Saturday:

beach1 4-11-2015 12-59-26 PM

The photo software program I use is Picassa, a free download. And there’s a magic icon on Picassa called “I’m Feeling Lucky”.  This is what happens to the above picture when I click that option:

beach 2 4-11-2015 12-59-26 PM

I hestitated to share this, not wanting my readers to think that I use this on all my photos. The changes made using “I’m Feeling Lucky” are frequently a little too dramatic. Personally, I feel this edited photo is  a bit over the top.

Thankfully, the automatic setting on our camera seems sufficient for most of the photos that I take…..until I learn how to really use it.

~These Days Of Mine~

She’s On FB!

Saturday, Motor Man and I took a day trip to the Outer Banks. Along the way, we stopped (as we usually do) to give Aggie, the horse, some treats.

Aggie’s place was decorated for Christmas!

 db and aggie 12-27-2014 10-41-09 AM

I gave her some apple slices, and Motor Man and I headed to the beach, where we saw a few wild horses….(blog post coming soon).

And, coming home that afternoon, we once again stopped to see Aggie and share the remaining apple with her.

db laughing at aggie1 12-27-2014 3-21-26 PM 12-27-2014 3-21-26 PM

Patience is obviously not Aggie’s strongpoint.  She made me laugh when she nuzzled my arm, letting me know I wasn’t getting the apple slices out of the bag quickly enough.

It’s always a little sad to leave Aggie…

db taking pic of aggie 12-27-2014 3-24-58 PM

Bye, girl! See you next time! Happy New Year!

bye 12-27-2014 3-25-29 PM

*By the way, I had been posting pictures of Aggie for quite some time on an Outer Banks Vintage Scrapbook Facebook page. When I posted one from our stop on Saturday, someone commented that Aggie should have her own Facebook page.  And, by the next morning, she did! If you’d like to be an Aggie fan, click here to like her page:


And if you happen to be passing by, she loves apples.

~These Days Of Mine~


There’s really nothing pretty about this abandoned boat we saw in the Outer Banks last weekend.

It’s dirty, and it’s anchored in dirty water.

Obviously, it’s had no attention for a long time: no sailing trips, no maintenance, not even a simple cleaning. And it appears to have, literally, “hit bottom”.

What circumstances caused the owner to abandon his boat: financial difficulties? Poor health? Death? Whatever the reason for its neglect, it’s sad to see it in such sad condition.

neglected boat 8-31-2014 7-48-28 AM

But this neglected old boat makes for an interesting, if not pretty, picture in the magic that is morning’s golden hour.

~These Days Of Mine~


Sometimes, it’s difficult for us women to understand males.

After seeing this display on the Outer Banks yesterday, I have to wonder if female horses don’t also have that problem with the males of their species.

Two “guys” were just walking along, probably talking sports (maybe women) and glancing out at the ocean.

guys 9-1-2013 8-30-13 AM

Apparently, Mr. Black said something to which Mr. Brown took offfense.

2 stallions best 9-1-2013 8-30-28 AM

Mr. Black: “Oh yeah? What are you gonna do about it?”

2 stallions 9-1-2013 8-30-15 AM_Snapseed

Mr. Brown: “THIS is what I’m gonna do about it!”

2 stallions2 9-1-2013 8-30-17 AM_Snapseed

Mr. Black: “Aw, come on, man. You know I didn’t mean anything by it. Lighten up!”

horseplay 9-1-2013 8-30-22 AM_Snapseed

Mr. Brown and Mr. Black  (to me): “WHAT?!

what 9-1-2013 8-30-29 AM

It was just guy stuff.  You wouldn’t understand.”