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Sunday: Stuck And In “Love”

When Motor Man and I learned that last Sunday was to be a pretty day, we decided to ride to the Outer Banks. (No surprise, there, right?)

This was our second trip in a row with no wild horse sightings. In the pocket of my door in our Tahoe, I keep a calendar where I jot down the number of horses we see on each trip, along with any other interesting facts of the day.  I’ve been doing that ever since we started our “horse journeys”.  Looking back in those calendars, it seems that we routinely see fewer horses in March and April than other months.

But it was a gorgeous day and we enjoyed our day at the beach.


We were attempting to cross over one of the dunes by way of the “exit”. But it’s tricky in that you really can’t see over the dune as you’re approaching the top. When we reached the top, Motor Man stopped just to be sure: 1) we weren’t meeting another vehicle head-on, or 2) there wasn’t a horse standing in the middle of the “road”, or 3) there wasn’t a dramatic drop-off. And when we stopped, we were stuck.

Please note that the top of the black “running board” under the door is normally 14 inches above the ground (I measured when we got home).

When we first began our trips to the 4-wheel-drive beach, we made sure we had a battery jump box, a tow strap and a collapsible camping shovel. That little shovel saved the day on Sunday. Motor Man dug out behind all four tires, put the Tahoe in reverse and backed down the dune. Whew. That’s the first time we’ve ever been stuck on the beach… and hopefully the last.

The remainder of our time there was uneventful.

On the way home, we passed by a wood-carving business. Motor Man and I stopped there a few years ago to watch the owner as he was using a chain saw to carve a “statue”.  But Sunday, something really special caught my eye as we drove by, and it was worth a turn-around.

We’ve seen several of these “love signs” in Virginia. Since our state motto is “Virginia Is For Lovers”, they are several all around our state. But this was in North Carolina. We don’t know if it’s going to be a permanent fixture there at this business, or if someone commissioned the owner to make it for them.

In the past, we’ve had our picture taken at each of the LOVE signs we’ve seen. But there wasn’t anyone else nearby when we stopped, and we didn’t have our tripod.

Motor Man to the rescue for the second time that day. He spotted this and decided it would be perfect to place our camera on for a picture.

And it worked. (There was some “stuff” in the background, so I tried to camouflage that a bit for our official photo.)

Another day: another adventure.

~These Days Of Mine~





It Was Just “One Of Those Days”

Last weekend, Motor Man and I took off for a day at the beach in Carova, NC. And it was just “one of those days”.

“One of those days” when you can’t imagine the sky being more beautiful.

“One of those days” when you can’t stop taking pictures.

“One of those days” when the sky is bluer than blue.

“One of those days” that’s perfect for horse photos.

“One of those days” when you keep saying over and over: “What a gorgeous day!”.

“One of those days” that’s just right for a picnic on the beach with your honey.

~These Days Of Mine~




OBX – A Map And A Sunset

For those of you unfamiliar with the Outer Banks, I thought I’d share a map, showing our route to the beach.

On this map, Virginia is shown in pink, and North Carolina in white. You can’t quite see where we live (we’re above Chesapeake). The “u-turn” is the Kill Devil Hills area of the Outer Banks.  If you take the u-turn, you travel north through the little villages of Southern Shores, Duck and Corolla. Driving south, past miles and miles of beaches, will take you to Cape Hatteras.

When we drive out on the beach to see the horses, we take the u-turn. It’s about 115 miles from our house to Corolla (I’ve marked it with a gold star on the map). That’s where 4-wheel drive is required to drive out on the beach. And you can drive on the beach all the way back up to the Virginia/North Carolina line, which is probably about another 20 miles. There’s no access from the uppermost beaches to the mainland.


So, now that all that’s over, here are some pictures from last Saturday. This was taken near Corolla after we’d been up on the beach. The body of water is the Currituck Sound.

sunset whalehead club

This picture was taken a little further south, near the village of Duck, still overlooking the Sound.

sunset and cattails

We continued driving south to a little park in Kitty Hawk, where we watched the sun set over the Albemarle Sound. Kitty Hawk is just a little south of the “u-turn” on the above map.


One more shot.


And then it was time to head north to Virginia.

Sunset Sunday – OBX

It’s amazing how two days on the Outer Banks of North Carolina could supply me with so much blog material!

Saturday evening, Motor Man and I were running an errand in the northernmost part of the Outer Banks, which meant we were driving toward the sunset. Believe it or not, the sunset hadn’t even crossed my mind til then.

But Motor Man soon realized that we he needed to quickly find a good spot for some photos.

Okay….this isn’t bad… but can we do better?



Now…this is what I had in mind.

The body of water is the Currituck Sound. To the far right is the Wright Memorial Bridge, which connects the Outer Banks (Dare County) to the mainland of eastern North Carolina.

And this concludes my posts about last weekend’s trip.     Maybe…

…And An OBX Sunset

Tired of sunrise/sunset photos yet? Well, just one more, and we’ll take a break.

The little park in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina (where the silhouette pictures from Friday’s post were taken) was one we had visited a couple of months ago. There was a nice walkway down to a deck right at the water.

Last week, when we went there, we could definitely see the results of Hurricane Irene. The “sound” side of the Outer Banks was hit harder than the ocean side.

The dock was destroyed, and the walkway was filled with tide debris.

But in contrast to all the destruction, there was a beautiful sunset.

And, I promise, no more sunset pictures until next weekend.

That is, unless there’s one this week that’s so pretty, I can’t wait to share.