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Winter At The Beach

Last Sunday, Motor Man and I headed to the Outer Banks to have a look at the beach following Winter Storm Helena. The main highways had been treated, and, for the most part, weren’t hazardous. That isn’t to say, though, that we didn’t travel through some “dicey” sections between home and the beach.

The Outer Banks didn’t get nearly the snowfall that we did at home, but it’s somewhat unusual to see snow on the dunes.


You could say that we had the beach to ourselves. And, by the way, notice how wide the beach is?  During the storm, the ocean was nearly up to the dune line.


But, we didn’t go to the beach just to see snow….we went to see “my” horses. And we weren’t disappointed: we saw 31, including this one, obviously paying no heed to the nearby sign.


And this “Black Beauty”.


And I realize that the Christmas season is over, but I just couldn’t resist….(volume up)

Ever wonder what it’s like to go four-wheelin’ over the dunes?  Here’s a Go-Pro clip, and let me just say that it appears much smoother here on this video than it is in real life.

Happy weekend!

In A Fog

In Friday’s post, I shared this photo of a recent sunrise.

sunrise 3-17-2016 6-13-11 AM

It was taken the morning of our most recent day trip. Motor Man and I both woke up very early that morning (before 4:30; still adjusting to the time change, I suppose).  We decided to just get the day started, and left early for the Outer Banks.

Although the weather had been nice during our two hour drive there, just as we were going onto the beach, we began to see fog.

foggy fence 3-17-2016 8-28-40 AM

Visibility was the worst I’ve ever experienced – no more than three car lengths in front of us.  We drove along at a crawl,  both of us straining to see possible oncoming vehicles, pedestrians or horses. Thankfully, the few vehicles we saw on the beach were also driving cautiously.

truck on beach 3-17-2016 10-26-01 AM

We did see two people walking along the beach, and it was a bit frightening how close we were to them before we actually saw them. I don’t think they realized the possible danger of walking on the beach in those conditions.

I trust Motor Man with my life, and I KNEW that we were driving parallel to the ocean, but the fog was so disorienting that it was easy to imagine us driving INTO the water.

ocean 3-17-2016 8-29-19 AM

It was a relief when we were finally able to drive over the dunes….away from the ocean.

I’ve shared photos before of the old Wash Woods Coast Guard station on the beach.  No matter the weather, she’s a beauty: eerily so on this trip.

lifesaving station 3-17-2016 8-56-49 AM

Unfortunately, even after a potentially treacherous trip, we didn’t see any wild horses this time. We spent quite a bit of time driving around all the places we normally see them, but they weren’t to be found.

And by the time we left the beach, the sun had burned off nearly all the fog.

leaving the beach 3-17-2016 10-46-41 AM

Needless to say, the trip leaving the beach was much more pleasant than our drive earlier in the morning.

~These Days Of Mine~

Our Fourth

Motor Man and I spent July 4 at the Outer Banks. I readily admit that I had serious doubts about driving there on a weekend, especially a holiday weekend.

And, indeed, that morning, it took us an hour and 15 minutes to drive five miles once we got to the area. (For those of you familiar with the Outer Banks, that was from the bypass to the town of Duck.)

But once we got ON the beach, what a wonderful day we had: sunny skies with puffy white clouds, temps in the mid 80’s and a wonderful breeze. It was a windows-down kind of day.

Add horses to that mix, and the day was just about perfect.

horse on dune 7-4-2015 11-06-49 AM

What a treat this was!  In this semi-secluded location, we saw a total of 21 horses. Look at that beauty on the far left with the “highlights” in her mane.

pasture 7-4-2015 11-40-41 AM

We most certainly were NOT the only folks on the beach.

folks on the beach 7-4-2015 1-06-33 PM

And although I love photographing “my” horses, this is perhaps my favorite picture taken that day.

dunes and flag 7-4-2015 1-26-40 PM

I should have known that Motor Man would make the day fun – even having to deal with holiday traffic.  Oh, and that five mile stretch that took so long to travel Saturday morning?  We made the return trip that afternoon in 12 minutes.

~These Days Of Mine~

Just Aggie

Saturday, Motor Man and I took a day trip to the Outer Banks. We drove up on the beach in search of wild horses and saw none. Zero. Zilch. None. Nada.

So it’s a good thing we stopped by Aggie’s pasture on our way to the beach.

db and aggie 4-11-2015 11-38-39 AM

She was happy to see us, and happier to see the apple we brought her for a treat. (I can just imagine her saying: “Hurry…hurry!”.

db and aggie2 4-11-2015 11-38-40 AM

Patience, Aggie…patience.

patience 4-11-2015 11-41-50 AM

Motor Man gave Aggie a little head “scritch”, too.

aggie and jr 4-11-2015 11-42-44 AM

Aggie’s fence is looking quite festive these days.  Someone made this sweet sign for her.

aggie's sign 4-11-2015 11-38-46 AM

 And, she has a beautiful spring wreath.

aggie and her wreath 4-11-2015 11-43-19 AM

Bye-bye, Aggie…

db aggie kiss 4-11-2015 11-41-48 AM

See you again soon!

~These Days Of Mine~

Winter Horses

Saturday, Motor Man and I made a quick trip to the Outer Banks.

You could say that we had the beach to ourselves. (We’ve never seen as many tree stumps as we did this time.)

beach 2-28-2015 12-39-57 PM

We saw ten horses, including these three in one of the canals.

horses in water 2-28-2015 1-10-08 PM

And this one, strolling along in a patch of snow.

horse in snow 2-28-2015 1-16-42 PM

I loved this furry fella in the yard of a beach house; he’s needed that winter coat with all the cold temps this year.

woolly 2-28-2015 1-13-06 PM

In a few weeks, this beach will be bustling with people.

sky2 2-28-2015 1-48-08 PM

But, Saturday, it was almost all ours.

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday For The Fourth

R5F on Independence Day! Here are today’s top five random thoughts:

1.)  Hurricane Arthur is the top story around here right now. The storm is moving off to our east – to the Atlantic. It’s breezy and rainy in our area, but nothing severe. And the rain is supposed to end by late morning. We’re waiting for word on any damage in the Outer Banks.


2.) I think I’ve mentioned before that Sundae has her own “blankie” and likes for us to put it over her. Earlier this week, we had done that, and a little later, Motor Man spotted this: she had started emerging from under the throw, then stopped, and was just lying there. We laughed at the fringe hanging over her head. She seemed completely unaware.

sundae blanket 7-1-2014 3-47-07 PM

3.) I have a new motto this week (as seen on a t-shirt in a catalog): “Oops! Did I just roll my eyes out loud?”.

4.) Saw this adorable bird feeder on Pinterest, and am planning to comb the thrift shops in search of cut glass to make my own. Then I’ll need to learn to drill holes in glass…..or ask Motor Man to do it.

glass birdfeeder

5.) Arthur may have been a bad storm, but the leading clouds made for a pretty sunrise yesterday morning.

arthurs clouds 7-3-2014 6-31-32 AM

Happy Independence Day everyone. Be safe.

~These Days Of Mine~

And The Answer Is….

Yesterday, I left you with a cliffhanger: did we see any horses during our weekend trip to the Outer Banks?

Why, yes, as a matter of fact, we saw a total of 39 horses.  The first one was standing in front of the restored Coast Guard Station. This picture was taken from the beach.

horse at coast guard stn 6-21-2014 8-25-49 AM

Traveling around to the back of the property, we saw this family.

horses at coast guard station 6-21-2014 8-27-42 AM

Just look at this little one. (I’ve sent a message to Corolla Wild Horse Fund, asking its name, but as of yet, haven’t gotten a response. When I do, I’ll share.)

baby 6-21-2014 8-26-14 AM

Then, this one, who brought to mind the book Black Beauty.

bb 6-21-2014 8-29-05 AM

And, finally, what I always hope for: horses on the beach.

3 horses head on 6-21-2014 11-37-25 AM

During some of our winter trips, we didn’t see any horses, on others, we’d see a few. I guess the horses are like us humans: they much prefer the beach during the summer.

~These Days Of Mine~