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Throwback Thursday

And this week, we’re going throwing WAY back with this picture.


Yes, that’s me, at two years old, holding a chicken, and staring lovingly at it.

I’m really hoping my sister, June, can shed some light on this picture.  Was this chicken a pet? Since I was afraid of EVERYTHING when I was a child, why was I not afraid to hold said chicken?

Speaking of my sister, here’s the comment she made regarding the lamp I wrote about in yesterday’s post:

” I think I can solve the mystery of where the lamp came from. If I remember (and this was a LOOOOONG time ago!) Mama asked us to go and buy her a lamp. So Daddy took Rose and I to buy the lamp. Mama was not really pleased when we came back with this one. She wanted a large full-size lamp and to her this did not fit the bill. So I’m a little surprised that she kept it for so long. ..”

I know why she kept the lamp for so long: because her husband and daughters bought it for her.

Now, June….what do you know about that chicken?

~These Days Of Mine~