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A “Great” Baby Shower

Because my sisters were teenagers when I was born, I became an aunt when I was two and a half, and a great aunt in my very early twenties.

And now, my great niece, Gail, is expecting a baby in September. That means I’ll be a great GREAT aunt.

Gail lives out of state, but was “home” this weekend, and her friends honored her with a baby shower at our house.

Gail’s mom/my niece, Lita, was there. It was the first time the three of us have been together since Gail was a little girl.

lita gail db_Snapseed

Gail received lots of gifts for the baby, including this beautiful afghan, crocheted by my sister, June.

junes afghan

The Peter Rabbit cake was made by Gail’s childhood friend, Diana.  It was so adorable, we hated to cut it. (Adorable AND delicious.)

ss cake

It was fun helping Gail celebrate this happy occasion. Now, if only she and her husband lived closer than the west coast…  Motor Man and I may have to redeem some frequent flier miles, so I can meet my great GREAT niece or nephew as soon as possible.

After all, it seems like just yesterday, Gail was a babe in arms.

dianne and gail.bmp_Snapseed