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Evening Sky

Tuesday, there was an 80% chance of rain for our area. Most of the day was rain-free, but we had a brief shower in the early evening while  Motor Man and I were at dinner. When we arrived home and looked out over the river, this is what we saw.  You may want to click to enlarge: there was a dark odd-shaped cloud to the left, and a portion of a rainbow to the right.

cloud and rainbow 8-12-2014 6-32-16 PM

 A little later in the evening,  the sky was such pretty shades of blue.

blue clouds 8-12-2014 7-21-10 PM

Groom Swan was here.

groom swan 8-12-2014 7-22-45 PM

And so was Bride Swan.

bride swan 8-12-2014 7-23-40 PM

 Dramatic skies and “my” swans…

bride and groom 8-12-2014 7-23-10 PM

…we thought it to be a perfect evening.

~These Days Of Mine~

Later Than Late

Saturday night found Motor Man and me at Langley Speedway, our local short track, in Hampton, Va.  When we arrived, it was a beautiful evening with practically no chance of rain.

This was to be the biggest race of the season.   There are, on average, 15-18 cars entered in the Late Model division on race night at Langley.  There were 37 there Saturday night, with many out-of-town drivers signed up for this special race, called the Hampton Heat. Late Model races are usually either 100 laps, or,sometimes, two 75 lap races during the night’s racing program. The Hampton Heat is 200 laps.

Before race time, Motor Man and I went “in the pits” to visit with our engine customers and racing friends. Everyone was watching the sky, but at that time, it appeared that the rain would move to our east.

pit road 7-26-2014 5-29-02 PM

Shortly before the 7:00 pre-race activities were to begin, it started to rain. It wasn’t a particularly long shower, and, once it stopped,  the  track-drying process began.  If you are a race fan, you’re probably familiar with the jet-dryers at the large tracks. Langley doesn’t have those. There are a couple of small walk-behind dryers, but the main method used to dry the track is a tried and true one: old tires chained to the back of several tow trucks at the track. The trucks make lap after lap after lap around the track, and the tires create friction, which dries the track. When the tires begin to smoke, you know you’re getting close.

drying the track 7-28-2014 6-28-15 PM

Before the races could begin, however, another rain shower came…this one much more intense than the first. This was the view through the windshield of our truck.

rain on windshield 7-26-2014 8-15-52 PM

At least, after this storm passed, we were treated to a rainbow.

rainbow 7-26-2014 6-47-36 PM

But it took much longer to dry the track the second time. Thankfully, Motor Man and I have trackside parking, so we were dry and cozy in our truck.

The Late Model race began around 11:15, and it was around 1:40 when the checkered flag waved.

After the race, the top seven finishers were required to go to “tech”: post race inspection at a building in the infield. And Motor Man had customers who finished second and sixth. So, down to the tech building we went. Teams were required to remove parts of the engines to be inspected. (Inspection showed that everyone was “legal”.)

Motor Man and I left the track at 3:20. A.M. As in morning. It was just about 4:00 when we got home.

We stopped and picked up our Sunday paper as we drove in the driveway.

~These Days Of Mine~

December Skies

The day after Christmas proved to be a rather miserable one, weather-wise, in our area. We awoke early Wednesday morning to strong winds and rain, and conditions didn’t improve as the day went on.

Folks commented that at least Christmas Day wasn’t rainy. It would seriously have hindered all the visiting the “Motor family” had to do.

These were the storm clouds late Wednesday afternoon, just as I was beginning to hear thunder in the distance.

storm clouds

Thunderstorms in southeast Virginia in December are somewhat rare.


Later, Motor Man and I traveled to Hampton for dinner with friends. The combination of storm clouds and the setting sun gave the sky an eerie appearance during our trip.  This was taken from the parking lot at the restaurant.


Just after I took that picture, we noticed a few employees from the restaurant pointing to the sky behind us. Motor Man “called it” even before we turned around.


I don’t recall ever seeing a more brilliant rainbow.


I could even make out Roy G Biv!

Wordless Wednesday – After The Storm

Friday afternoon, July 27.

And my favorite…

Linking up to Wordless Wednesday Again.

Linking up to Wordless Wednesday Again.

Wordless Wednesday

Last Sunday afternoon.

Linking up to Wordless Wednesday.

Lookin’ Up

Most of you are aware of my fondness for sunrises and sunsets. Today I’m sharing a few pictures that prove you never really know what you might see when you look to the skies.

 My caption for this photo is: “Fly Me To The Moon”.

I took this next picture because of the interesting contrails. But look closely in the top left corner. (You may need to click to enlarge the picture.) I didn’t realize it was there until the photos were downloaded to the computer.  A nice surprise, I thought.

And who doesn’t love a rainbow?

Remember to look up! You never know what you might see.