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Random Five Friday

Just for fun: five random thoughts for the final Friday in January.

1.) This little shrub is in a neighbor’s yard.  We can’t decide if it looks more like a Hershey’s kiss or a Dairy Queen ice cream cone.  During our recent snow event, we decided it look like one of the “Sno-cap” candies.

2.) Another photo op around the time of sunset on Wednesday.

3.) Marshall’s kitty, Snugg, enjoying the morning sun a couple of weeks ago (traces of remaining snow on the steps).

4.) This squirrel should soon weigh 200 pounds, as much bird seed as he’s devouring.  He’s resting up and planning his attack on that freshly filled bird feeder….

5.) Speaking of birds, I recently purchased this birdseed bell, and just placed it on an old bench near our kitchen window. Motor Man had called to tell me he was on his way home, so I grabbed the camera, cradled my cell phone on my shoulder and got a pic.  We rarely see cardinals in our yard, so this was a treat.

Looking over this post, I don’t think it’s very “random” at all.  Perhaps the title should have been “Nature Five Friday”.

Happy Weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~