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These Barns – Christmas Eve Edition

A few weeks ago, when we drove to Strasburg, Virginia to meet our friends Pam and Dave for lunch, we passed by this weathered red barn.  Motor Man noticed it as we were rounding a curve, so I really only had seconds to snap a couple of pictures.

christmas barn1 12-10-2013 9-38-35 PM

It had snowed an inch or two in the area the day before our trip. Between the red of the barn, the green roofs on the silos and the snow, it made for Christmas Eve-worthy photos.

christmas barn2 12-10-2013 9-38-33 PM

Christmas Eve is a night of song that wraps itself about you like a shawl. But it warms more than your body. It warms your heart… fills it, too, with a melody that will last forever.”   ~unknown

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Barn Charm – In The Snow

A couple of weeks ago, Motor Man and I ventured out of state for our Sunday drive. We drove not far over the North Carolina line (about an hour from home).

And I found a few barns. Today I’m sharing this one. I don’t recall exactly where it’s located: near one of those little towns in the Corapeake, Sunbury, Eure area.

red barn_Snapseed

The area had gotten a dusting of snow the night before, but we didn’t have any at home.

red barn1_Snapseed

Motor Man spotted this cute little red barn before I did. I love the snow on the roof, and this view down the driveway.

red barn driveway_Snapseed

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Christmas Barn Charm

You may recall our Steam Train Weekend trip to West Virginia in October. The one where we were expecting fall foliage, but instead ran head-on into a snow storm?

My Barn Charm photo this week was taken during that trip.

Obviously this is  a working barn; there’s the farmer’s pick-up parked around back.

A red barn in a snow storm for Christmas week’s Barn Charm.