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The 4th: Bygone And Current

Officially, another July 4th has come and gone. But since many businesses are closed today (and some folks are still celebrating), I thought I’d share some thoughts about the holiday. And some pictures from our holiday weekend.

A few weeks ago, I was able to purchase a flyer on Ebay. This little pamphlet was printed for a Fourth of July celebration held in our town in 1916: 105 years ago yesterday. (My mom would have been 6 years old then…)

Some of you (of age) who live in our area may recognize some individuals’ names and business names.

Here’s the front of the flyer:

Page 2. I found the prizes awarded to the winners of the sports events to be amusing.

Page 3. It’s also interesting to read the prizes awarded for the ‘domestic’ contests.

And the final page of the flyer. I don’t know that any of the businesses that were sponsors then are still operating today.  I remember some of them from my childhood days.

Now, for OUR July 4th, 2021.  We found these solar horse lights at Tractor Supply, and at the suggestion of my friend, Donna, created a red, white and blue display. We also hung buntings on our deck and patriotic “column hangings” on our front porch.

Our town fireworks took place on Friday evening with perfect weather conditions.

And the river that runs by our house was very busy this holiday weekend with boat traffic. It’s always fun to see them flying the American flag.

And how did YOU celebrate our nation’s birthday?

~These Days Of Mine~