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My Sister, June

After a two week illness, my sister, June passed away Saturday evening.  Today, I’m sharing some of my memories of her.

She was 16 when I was born.

dianne and june 10-15-2010 2-43-39 PM

She married at a young age, and was a mom herself by the time I was two-and-a-half.  Because of our age difference, in my childhood memories, she was my mom’s “generation”, and her children seemed more like my siblings.

My niece, Barb, and me

My youngest niece, Barb, and me

She encouraged me to read and helped me with school projects. She knitted sweaters for me, and, with the leftover yarn, knitted matching coats for my Barbies.

Summers meant days spent at her house, us children playing outside while she and my mom visited.  Thanksgivings and Christmases were celebrated there, too.

When I was a teenager, she made a pantsuit with a Nehru jacket for me. (Is that telling my age?) And later, at my request, a red velvet cape (don’t judge).

As the years passed, our age difference mattered less and less, and our sisterly relationship developed. Although our views on everything weren’t always the same, I always knew she “had my back”, and would be there for me if I needed her.

I’ll miss our daily emails, and her sweet comments on my Facebook and blog posts.

db june-2

Since news of her passing, I have been overwhelmed with all the heartfelt comments from my friends, my blogging friends on Facebook, as well as June’s online friends in her knitting forums.

She obviously touched many lives, including mine….right from the beginning.

The next few days will be busy ones, so this will be my only blog post this week.

~These Days Of Mine~

One Picture, So Many Thoughts

Finding old family photos is always a thrill for me. But rarely does one bring about the feelings that the one did that I’m sharing today.

rose andrew va doris 3-30-2015 2-37-30 PM

The blonde in the forefront is my sister, Rose (Rose Mae, as written on the margin). Behind her, to the left, is my aunt, Doris, my aunt, Virginia, in the center, and her husband, my uncle, Andrew, on the right. Everyone in this picture has since passed on.

But what was intriguing to me when I found this picture was what was written on the back.

roses pic - back 4-5-2015 3-30-47 PM

I “googled” and found that Easter in 1969 was on April 7, meaning this photo was taken on Saturday night, April 6.

Some of you will recall that my sister Rose died as a result of domestic violence. That was on  April 15, 1969. This was, most likely, the last picture taken of her.

Some other thoughts I have about this picture:

The handwriting, I’m fairly certain, is that of my Aunt Lucille, so the “at mother’s” would mean this was taken at my Grandmother’s. But the placement of the door, window and oil stove aren’t familiar to me. I emailed the picture to my sister, June, and she doesn’t know, either.

Although I would have recognized everyone in the picture, I’m so thankful that my aunt made note of the date.

The larger framed picture on the wall is of Bacon’s Castle.

Rose is wearing a pair of brown leather slacks that she’d recently bought. My mom wasn’t too sure about those….

 I wish Rose had been facing the camera.

~These Days Of Mine~