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Wearing Their Welcome Thin

Can you bear one more entry in the Dove Chronicles?

Last week, when I posted that the two squabs were able to fly and had left the nest, I was thinking (and really, really hoping) that the dove nursery was closed for the season.

Last week,  I was about to prune the hanging plant on the other side of our porch.  I reached up to hold a dead flower while I snipped it with the clippers. Imagine my surprise…..when a dove flew out of THAT plant and attacked me! It kept swooping down toward me and making very threatening sounds. I was backing away, holding my hands over my head to protect it, and all I could see were flapping dove wings.

Obviously I don’t have pictures of that. And I thought doves were supposed to be birds of peace.  It wasn’t very peaceful on the porch at that moment. 

I avoided that plant for several days, but could see a dove had taken up residence there. A couple days ago, I couldn’t see any wings or tailfeathers (and the plant really needed water). So I carefully tapped on the bottom of the pot. Nothing. No sound. No fluttering wings. No attack.

I took the plant off the hook, and there sat a dove. Since I wasn’t being attacked this time, I was determined to get a picture. So I placed the hanging basket back on the hook and went inside for my camera. When I returned, I stood on a nearby chair, and saw that the dove had moved to the rim of the basket.

Apparently, it was Papa Dove that was on the nest the morning I was attacked. Mama Dove wasn’t about to get flustered.

I held my camera up over my head and took this next picture.

So what can I do? I can’t evict an expectant mother.

In my research, I learned that doves can have six broods per season.

At least, it’s nearing the end of summer. Those hanging plants can’t last but so much longer anyway. The dove nursery, on the other hand, shows no sign of closing up shop.