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Back “Home”

As most of you know, Motor Man builds race engines for round-track cars as well as hydroplanes (race boats).

Our local short track, Langley Speedway, has been around for 66 years. Last year, because of negotiations between the owners and the current leasee, the track didn’t open. Life went on, of course, and many of Langley’s regulars traveled to other tracks to race.

But this season, Langley is back. The first race was last Saturday, but prior to that, of course, there were practice sessions.

Motor Man with Danny, one of our engine customers

Motor Man went to both practice days, but I was just at one. It was a cold, windy day, so the inside of the car hauler was a good shelter. Mark is also a racer and, while not one of our engine customers, he is a long time friend.

photo by our friend, Ashly

It was still cool Saturday for racing, but no chance of rain, which is always good. And the parking lot was full, with cars all along the street and nearby areas.

And the stands were packed.

Mark finished 3rd; Danny had shock issues and finished 7th.

It’s good be back “home”.

~These Days Of Mine~


Summer Days

As I often do on Thursdays, today I’m participating in Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. This is the prompt I chose this week:

2.) Describe what summer is like at your house.

My summer days usually begin by catching the sunrise.

sunrise on deck 5-28-2013 6-11-24 AM

Then it’s putting the final touches on the day’s blog post, answering e-mails, then going for my morning walk (weather permitting).

I’ve become very fond of flowers.  A friend, who shall remain nameless (okay, it’s Pam, Sammy’s mom at One Spoiled Cat) calls it an addiction. Of course, this fondness means lots of time spent outdoors: planting, water, pruning and just enjoying.

lillies 6-5-2013 6-02-37 AM

Many Saturday nights during the summer find us at our local short-track, Langley Speedway, for stock car racing. (We have trackside parking in turn three.)


Our summer always includes a couple of hydroplane races.

5 litre start 8-16-2009 4-59-14 AM

And then, there’s this horsepower – on the OBX.

black horse_Snapseed

But there’s nothing quite like ending the day with a sunset at home, especially if these two are visiting.


Care to share what summer’s like at your house?

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