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Wimping Out

Today, as everyone in our area is keeping a wary eye on Hurricane Matthew, I find it difficult impossible to get creative with a blog post.

So I’m taking the easy way out and sharing some recent sunrise/sunset shots.

Sunsets are always so dramatic when they come at the end of a cloudy day. My mom would say: “The sun is coming out in time to set.” This was on September 14.


The sun is rising later now, of course, than it did during the summer. So I am able to catch the darkness just before the dawn. This was the sunrise on September 23.


Another sunrise, this one a few days later, on September 26.


And finally, last night’s sunset, with a rather ominous sky.


“Tune in” Friday when I’ll share some memories and photos of hurricanes that I recall.  We’re all hoping, but mostly praying, that our forecast will have changed by that time, and that Matthew will be heading out to sea rather than aiming for the east coast.

Update: the latest track takes Matthew away from the coast before it reaches Virginia.  It can change course again, but this overnight update is good news for our area….now if this track will just continue….

~These Days Of Mine~