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More Christmas Surprises

As I mentioned in Friday’s post, I received several very special surprises from family members this Christmas. I shared Motor Man’s gifts to me in that post, and, today, I’d like you to see Marshall’s gifts to us.

A few months ago, Marshall began a new hobby: creating 3-D shadowbox designs. His work is amazing. And, for Christmas, he surprised Motor Man and me with  designs meaningful to each of us.

My longtime readers may remember this post from WAY back in 2011. It’s about a book, which I discovered in my childhood and that many years later, quite by accident, reappeared in my life.

Because it’s nearly impossible to get the full effect of a 3-D design from a photo, I made videos of Marshall’s work. The first one is of my gift, which is the book jacket from Skirts Of The Dead Night.


Marshall knows that the only movie Motor Man ever talks about is Thunder Road. (And it’s the only song he ever sings…). So, this was Marshall’s gift to him.


Needless to say, this Mom is very impressed.  I’ll be having these framed soon, but I thought the details would be easier to see if I recorded the video before framing.

Thanks, again, Marshall.  I hope you know how much we treasure these.

~These Days Of Mine~


Motor Man’s Day

Not only is today New Year’s Day, it’s also Motor Man’s birthday.

So, in honor of his special day,  I thought it might be fun to share some previously unrevealed facts about my hubby.

1.) The only song lyrics Motor Man knows are to the chorus of “Thunder Road”. Since most of you probably aren’t familiar with that song, here’s a link for your listening enjoyment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdwUpxkfSJw

2.) Motor Man once had two newspaper routes as a young boy, built his first race engine when he was in his teens, and started his own (very successful) business when he was 28 years old.

3.) He flipped a “souped up” go-kart once when he was a kid, and broke his little toe. He couldn’t tell his Mom, because she had forbidden him to drive said go-kart.

4.) Motor Man loves nothing more than making folks laugh, whether it’s telling a joke, doing something funny, or playing a practical joke. Over the years, though, he’s learned that I don’t take kindly to those jokes being played on ME.  That has slowed him down a little, but hasn’t stopped him.

Happy Birthday, Motor Man. You make me smile.