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The Eeriest Synchronicity… Ever

Last Wednesday, my blog post was about synchronicities. The ones I shared that day were upbeat and related to songs being played on our “oldies” radio station.

Late last Tuesday evening (the night before the blog post), I learned that my nephew, Steven, had taken his life. My son, Marshall, and I do 99% of our communicating by text. So I sent him a three-word text: “Steven committed suicide.” It was late, and Marshall didn’t respond, but I thought nothing of it, because sometimes he turns in early.

Early the next morning, we had our usual text exchange and discussed what had happened.

Later in the morning, I received an email from Marshall. In it, he refers to “today’s post”, which was the synchronicity blog post. The “Chris” he mentions in the email is a friend of his who’s an avid Twin Peaks fan.

“Ok.. here goes.. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail, but after today’s post, I had to share, and it’s too much to text.

As you may remember, I ordered the new Twin Peaks set some time back.  There are 18 parts to it, and on my first run-through I got to part 12 and decided to take a break on it until I could talk to Chris about some of it.

I picked it back up recently, and got to part 15 last night, but didn’t start it because I was tired.

I started it this morning and watched about half of it.
Halfway through, a character named Steven commits suicide.”

Got goosebumps?

“Great Northern Hotel”, Twin Peaks (internet photo)

~These Days Of Mine~