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Smile Photo – Fly By


Here’s another installment in my series of photos that make me smile whenever I look at them.

These pictures were taken in the Bahamas. Motor Man and I had gone there many years ago with a group of friends. During our time there, we visited Garden of the Groves,  a beautiful botanical garden on Grand Bahama island.

We came upon a really pretty spot with a waterfall in the background. Each couple posed for a photo.  I’m going to post these photos in reverse order. This was the second one taken of Motor Man and me. See the waterfall?

But this next photo was the first one taken, and it’s pretty obvious why we had to do a re-take.

At the exact second that our friend snapped the picture, some exotic bird flew right in front of us. We laughed so hard, it took us awhile to settle down enough to pose for the second photo.

And after all these years, that picture still makes me smile. Every time.