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The Wedding

Saturday morning, Motor Man and I got all “gussied up”…

jrdb2 10-25-2014 9-31-07 AM

…and drove four hours southwest to central North Carolina to attend a wedding.

The day couldn’t have been more beautiful. When that happens, I’m always reminded of the old saying, which I’ve shared here before: “Happy is the bride the sun shines on.”.

White bows decorating the exterior of the church say: “there’s a wedding here today!”.

church and bow 10-25-2014 3-13-27 PM

Guests were greeted by this charming scene at the entrance.

bench and pillow 10-25-2014 3-14-17 PM

We were among the first guests to arrive, but those pews quickly filled to capacity.

inside church 10-25-2014 3-18-57 PM

It was a lovely ceremony, and the newlyweds were showered with bubbles as they emerged from the church.

couple and bubbles 10-25-2014 4-37-36 PM

The wedding was followed by a wonderful dinner and reception. Motor Man and I took advantage of the photo booth, but, as you can see, we don’t get too adventurous with the accessories.

keens 10-26-2014 7-42-22 AM

We were honored to be included among the guests and wish Brittany and Justin a long, happy life together.

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Friday once again, and time for some random thoughts:

1.) Early Tuesday morning, we had a quick shower. But then the sun came out and seemed to give our little corner of the world a “dreamy” photo effect.

cloudy morning 10-21-2014 8-06-29 AM

2.) I lost my watch a couple of days ago. It wasn’t fancy nor expensive, but I’ve worn it every day for several years. It was a bangle-type: easy to slip on and, apparently, a little too easy to slip off my wrist.

3.) Sundae continues to be an occasional undercover kitty; most evenings, she “asks” to be under her blankie. Sometimes, she starts to emerge, then stops and just lies there.  I took this with my cell phone, no flash.


4.) My friend, Bev, and I managed to squeeze in a beachcombing trip this week. It’s almost November, and we were in flip flops. (The weather took a turn for the worse the next day. Our flip-flop wearing may be over for this year.)

tree 10-18-2014 5-45-43 PM

5.) Motor Man and I are invited to a wedding tomorrow.  We’re friends with the bride’s parents (have only met the bride once), but goodness, who doesn’t love a wedding?

Any randomness in your world today?

~These Days Of Mine~

Two Weeks: The Circle Of Life

In the past two weeks, I’ve witnessed “the circle of life” take place among some of the people closest to me.

On September 14, I watched Brad, a young man I’ve known since “before he was born”, marry his beautiful sweetheart. And I cried.

brad laura kiss 9-14-2013 5-54-10 PM

Three days later, my father-in-law, lying in a hospital bed, neared the end of his earthly life.  I watched as he motioned his children closer and kissed each of them on the cheek.  And I cried.


Eight days later, I learned that my great niece had given birth to a baby boy. (Surprise: during the ultrasound, they were told to expect a girl!) And I cried.

gail and son

The circle of life.  (And many tears.) In just two short weeks.

Scattered Thoughts

It’s Monday.

We had a wedding here on Saturday. The weather was perfect. The ceremony was lovely. The bride was radiant. (I forgot to ask permission to post pictures, so until then, I’ll share this photo of the other bride and groom who put in an appearance that day, just in time for the reception.)


Back in May, I wrote about the photo contest for the 2015 Corolla Wild Horse Fund calendar. I asked my readers to leave a comment, choosing from the photos I submitted which one they thought might be selected for the calendar. I’m pleased to announce that the judges did deem one of my photos calendar-worthy! Watch for an announcement soon, letting you know which photo was chosen and the winner of MY contest.

This Friday will be the third anniversary of These Days Of Mine (my blogaversary, as they say). Perhaps we’ll have a little celebration.

My posts may be sporadic this week, so don’t be alarmed if I miss a day or two. I’ll be back soon.

Happy Monday.

At Last

I just love weddings.  In addition to being so romantic and beautiful, it’s always interesting to see how the bride and groom “personalize” the ceremony to make it their own.

Motor Man and I attended a wedding Saturday afternoon. He met Mitch, the groom, at our local race track back in the 70’s.  Mitch and Trish, his bride, have been a couple for….18  (yes, 18) years. Earlier this year, they announced that they would be marrying in April. This was their wedding invitation:

invitation edited

Are you familiar with the Etta James’ song: “At Last”? If not, or if you’d just like to listen, here’s a link.

So imagine, if you will, Mitch, waiting, as the boat bringing his bride, arrives at the dock. And Etta (recorded, of course) is belting out the first lines of that song. “At last, my love has come along. My lonely days are over…”


I normally try to blink back tears at weddings. But when that song started, I knew that, this time, there was no need to even try.

the vows

So I was snapping pictures as tears streamed down my face. (By the way, the sweet pup is “Chewy”; Trish is dogsitting him, while his parents are out of the country on business.)

the kiss

Yes, Chewy. At last, indeed.

at last

Motor Man and I were honored to be among the guests, and we wish the newlyweds a long, happy marriage.

us 4

At last.

Eleven Years

Motor Man and I were married eleven years ago today.

That would be February 2, 2002. 02-02-02. Our ceremony began at 2:02.

We were married at historic Bacon’s Castle in the room known as the “Ladies’ Chamber”. My Aunt Martha was married in the same room on Christmas Day in 1935.


A few of our elderly friends were concerned about bad weather when we announced our wedding date, but it was a beautifully sunny February day, as evidenced by our squinty eyes in this next picture.

This was taken just outside the front door after the ceremony. Just look at that shiny new wedding ring on Motor Man’s hand!


Happy Anniversary to you, my Motor Man.  You just don’t know how happy I am to be your wife.

2011- The Year In Blog Posts

This week, I chose the most complex prompt that Mama Kat offered for her Writer’s Workshop.  So get comfy, folks:  this is gonna be a long one.

1.) This year in blog posts…choose a favorite post from each month of 2011 and share.

January 6 – That Martha – My last remaining aunt passed away on December 31 of last year. This was a post I wrote in memory of her and her sunset funeral.

February 2 – I Do, I Do, 02/02/02 –  Motor Man and I celebrate our anniversary on February 2. This post includes some photos from our wedding day.

March 24 – The Hope Of A Shelter Kitty. We had just been recently adopted by our kitty, Sundae, when I wrote this poem.  I made a donation to the humane society based on the number of comments on this post.

April 19 – I’ve Been Pressed – Having my blog recognized by wordpress.com resulted in many new readers… and friends.

May 13 – Toes.  I wrote this post about the day that my son, Marshall, at four-months old,  discovered his toes.

June 16 – Just Yesterday. Celebrating Marshall’s birthday.

July 21 – “L” As In Yellow – This post was one of my favorites because the photo was perfect for the story.

August 4 – Saving The Day – A favorite post because it’s about my two favorite guys.

September 22 – Where I’m From – This post took some thought, and is one of my all-time favorites.

October 31 – Halloween Haunts –  Bacon’s Castle is a special old house to  my family. It was featured in a PBS video a couple of years ago, and Marshall had a role in the video.

November 27 – Quick! Detour To The Park – You knew I’d have to have at least one sunrise/sunset post in this collection.

December 17 – Moonrise-Moonset – This is my favorite post for this month, because I shared my first (semi-successful) attempt at night-time photography.

And there you have it: my favorite posts from 2011.  So tell me: which of these was YOUR favorite?

Mama’s Losin’ It