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Poetic Thursday: Storytime

Thursday means poetry here at These Days. I look forward each week to joining my friend, Pam and her sweet kitties at Two Spoiled Cats.

Here’s this week’s photo:

And here’s my poem:


Under a whispy tent with all her friends,
it’s a  little girl’s world of let’s pretend.

Every night, you’ll find them there:
puppies, kittens and teddy bears.

It’s a bedtime story everyone wants to hear;
at the sound of her voice, they all draw near.

Stars in her tent and stars in the sky,
and the bunny in the moon sings a lullaby.

Mom and Dad come in for a kiss;
they know sweet memories are made of this.

They softly say: “It’s time to turn out the light,
so you and your friends can go night-night”.

~These Days Of Mine~