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These Barns – Dayton, VA

I continue to miss Barn Charm…..

This is one of the barns we saw in the Dayton, Virginia area last weekend.

white barn1 10-26-2013 10-37-01 PM

It was a perfect day for photos.

white barn2 10-26-2013 10-37-04 PM

This barn is obviously on a working farm. The setting was beautiful with the mountains in the background and those gorgeous blue skies.

white barn3 10-26-2013 10-37-06 PM

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These Barns – In The Distance

During our trip to Martinsville a couple of weeks ago, I replenished my stash of barn photos.

Somewhere between South Boston and Danville, we spotted this beauty in the distance.

white barn1 10-5-2013 3-04-20 PM

And, at times like these, did what must be done…

white barn2 10-5-2013 3-04-28 PM

…brought out the “long” camera lens and snapped away.

white barn3 10-5-2013 3-04-26 PM

If only there were a public highway near every picturesque barn setting…

Little White Barn Charm

Last month, on our way home from lunch with our friends, Pam and Dave, in Sperryville, we passed by this sweet little white barn. I believe this first photo was a drive-by.

first white barn

As always, Motor Man gladly pulled over, so I could get better pictures.

white barn2

You may be able to click this next photo to enlarge it; the colorful “sign” on the end of the barn shows two horses. (My kinda barn…)

white barn

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Barn Charm – Sweet

Motor Man and I were out for a Sunday drive a few weeks ago, as old mature folks will sometimes do. While out on our drive, we spotted this simple old barn. Something about the shape of the barn, those mis-matched windows and that door remind me of a sweet little comical face. Do you see it?

barn front

Sure wish I could move that utility pole. I probably could have photo-edited it out of the picture, but I think it would have been noticeable. And, after all, as unsightly as it might be, it IS part of the scenery.

Here’s a side view. No utility pole! I love the lightning rods.

side view

And a look down the driveway from the road.

barn from the driveway

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Barn Charm – In The Middle Of Town

This sweet barn is right smack dab in the middle of the little village/town of Rescue, Va.

rescue barn1

So I can’t help but wonder if someone built the barn in their back yard, or if the town built up around the barn?

rescue barn2

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Barn Charm – Sunday Drive

Sunday was a beautiful day, and Motor Man and I took advantage of it to go “barn storming”.  Our drive took us through three counties.

You fellow Barn Charmers can probably imagine the “oohs” and “aahs” Motor Man heard from me when we first spotted this one.

The side view:

And a parting shot through a nearby weeping willow:

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Barn (Second Time’s A) Charm

Okay, for those of you who have e-mail subscriptions to my blog, you’ve probably already seen today’s post. Yesterday, I once again clicked “publish” by mistake, when I meant to click “preview”. 

So here’s today’s post: new to some of you, a rerun for others:

Reaching back in the photo archives for today’s Barn Charm entry. These were taken in July when we were in the St. Michaels’ area of Maryland.

The first glimpse. Hmm….wonder if we can get closer? Can we get a better shot?

Yes, there’s a lane! Do you see a “No Trespassing” sign?

Got it! We can go now!

(Sound familiar to you other Barn Charmers?)

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Oh…and WordPress: could we PUHLEASE get an “are you sure you’re ready to publish this post?” warning…. for careless bloggers like me?