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Much Needed Serenity

As you know, most of the day trips Motor Man and I take are to Carova, NC to seek out and photograph the wild horses.

Yesterday, we made that trip.  This time of year, the beach is packed with sunbathers, fishermen, children, dogs, folks flying kites, etc.

Still, Motor Man and I enjoy our solitude in the privacy of our vehicle.  We plod along through the sand and the mud holes, over the dunes and along the shore.  We enjoy each other’s company. And we look for horses.

Sometimes they’re ambassadors for the local park.

Yesterday especially, we needed the serenity of this area and the horses.

On Saturday night, during one of the races at our local short track, there was a tragic accident.  Motor Man and I, along with hundreds of other fans, waited…and dreaded the outcome that would soon be confirmed.

A long-time, respected, successful racer passed away from his injuries. Our racing community family is still coming to terms with this news…

Shawn’s sunrise

…and will be for quite some time.

~These Days Of Mine~