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Wild Horse Wednesday

Today, I thought I’d share some photos from our recent outings to the Corolla area of the Outer Banks.

Is it any wonder that this is one of our favorite places for a day trip? On the other side of this dune is the ocean.

Safe to say, the scenery is pretty enough as is, but it’s greatly improved when wild horses are included.

I’m not sure what was happening in this next picture, but I thought it was an interesting shot. (Once again, my photos are taken with a “zoom” lens, then cropped once they’re downloaded.  I’m not nearly as close to the horses as it appears.)

We saw these two up on a dune with quite a congregation of cattle egrets.

Back by the ocean, Motor Man had stopped so I could take pictures, when this beauty came strolling by us.

Ah…..’nuff said.

~These Days Of Mine~






Here A Horse, There A Horse

It’s been a while since I’ve shared wild horse photos with you, so today’s the day.

When Motor Man and I spot the first horse on one of our beach trips, one of us will usually say: “Well, it won’t be a zero day”. Thankfully, we’ve only had a few of those over the years we’ve been going to see the horses.

On our most recent trip, we set a personal record: the highest number of wild horses we’ve ever seen.  We counted 92….ninety-two.  That’s just about the entire herd. Our beach day started with this gorgeous line-up. There were horses standing by the ocean:

There were horses resting by the ocean:

There were horses by the dunes:

There were horses ON the dunes:

And horses running OFF the dunes:

There were horses in front of sand fences:

And horses by the sound:

There were horses everywhere!


~These Days Of Mine~








The Gypsy Queen, Sasquatch And A Home Inspection

Motor Man and I threw caution to the wind and made a trip to the Outer Banks over the holiday weekend. Although there were LOTS of folks on the beach, traffic was surprisingly not horrendous on our trip there or back home.

It was a most interesting day.  At one point, as we were driving along the beach, Motor Man spotted something tall up ahead and wondered what it could be.  A little later, we discovered what he’d seen.  Quite an unusual sight, indeed.

May I present, The Gypsy Queen:

We were told that The Gypsy Queen is a blending of two different boats, placed on a bus chassis.

Of course, we just had to have our picture taken with “the queen”.

As you can see, an impromptu painting party was taking place when we stopped. We met the owners, local residents, Mark and Kelly, and Motor Man took this picture of me with Mark.

Meanwhile, further up the beach, a fundraiser was taking place for the Carova Fire Department. One way to donate was to purchase a ride on the beach on the Monster Truck, Sasquatch. Motor Man and I thought that would be fun, so we paid our money and climbed aboard.

There were times, however, that we questioned our decision to ride.  “Doughnuts” in a Monster truck on the sand were more than a little scary. Warning: watching this video may cause vertigo! (And no, the police weren’t trying to make a traffic stop; the siren was an option on the megaphone being used to let everyone know about the fundraiser.)


But we were happy to contribute to a worthy cause.

We also saw 26 horses, including this beauty, checking out some new construction in the area.

What do you think, Buddy?  Does it pass muster?

A boat on wheels, a Monster truck on the beach, and a horse doing a home inspection……I don’t know that we’ve ever had that much excitement on a day trip to the beach.

~These Days Of Mine~

That Westerly Wind

In previous posts about the Corolla wild horses on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, I’ve mentioned that our favorite place to see the horses is down by the ocean.

We travel the “back roads” and often see them there, but there’s just something about wild horses by the water.

We’ve learned that you see the most horses on the beach on days when the wind is from the west.  This isn’t good for the horses, however, because it brings biting flies from inland.  The horses retreat to the water’s edge for relief.

Plus the wind just feels good in their hair manes.

But not all the horses were up for a beach day.  Some were just hanging out back at the cottage.

And it IS spring, so a young man’s fancy is turning to love… and sometimes that means a disagreement among the guys. A couple of notes before you watch the video: my editing skills leave much to be desired.  Also, I love how sleek and gorgeous these stallions are.  Just a few seconds into the clip,the lighter colored horse starts to run. The darker horse rears his head back as if to say: “Oh, heck, yeah. It’s ON!”.  Also, although it looks like I’m really close, my camera lens was zoomed as much as possible, and I was standing in the doorway of our vehicle, so I was safe.

(Sound on)

I’m glad the gal driving that big truck was “heads up”, since one of the horses ran right in front of her vehicle.

Yesterday, it was posted on the Corolla Wild Horse Fund page that the first new foal of the season has been spotted. It’s a colt, and they’re going to have a contest to name him. You know that we’ll be keeping an eye out for him on our future trips to the beach.

~These Days Of Mine~

Enough Already, Julia

Tropical Storm Julia dropped in to our area for a visit last week, and bless her heart, the girl didn’t know when to leave.

Every day this week has been a wash-out.  In our rain gauge, we measured 4.5 inches. But, to the south of us, near the Virginia/North Carolina state line and on to the Outer Banks, they had reports of over 12 inches of rain.

Motor Man and I had an errand to run in the Outer Banks area yesterday.  Since we were so close to where “my” wild horses are, we decided to venture up that way.

For those of you familiar with the area, this was just one of many places where the highway flooded between the towns of  Duck and Corolla.


We didn’t see it causing anyone problems though.  Everyone was making it through okay.


When we got to the four-wheel drive area of Carova, we found the beach was in excellent condition for driving.  It was also a busy place with folks enjoying the first sunny day this week.


But, traveling over the dunes to the “back roads” was out of the question – at least for us. We tried several places, but this is what we saw each time.


We had given up hope of seeing horses since, many times, the back roads are where we see them. But, then….


We spotted four beauties on the ocean side of one of the dunes.   They looked so healthy, and what gorgeous manes.


So we had the trauma excitement of driving through flood waters (see video below) and, against what we thought were all odds, managed to see horses.

~These Days Of Mine~

The Motherlode

Have you noticed the lack of horses in my recent posts? I know: we MUST fix that.  So, today, I’m sharing photos from our trip a couple of weeks ago to the Carova/Corolla area of the Outer Banks.

This time of year, when the wind is from the west, the flies are simply horrible for the wild horses.  To attempt to get relief, the horses head to the ocean.  And the day we went, we saw more horses on the beach than we’ve ever seen before.

Mile after mile, so many horses…

16 horses 5-25-2016 4-00-10 PM

As you can imagine, with that many harems- translated: that many stallions, we saw  more than a few dust-ups along the way.

running2 5-25-2016 4-11-19 PM

We heard talk that those two stallions were having quite the issue that day. Apparently one had stolen a mare from the other. One stallion seemed to take refuge in the water.

horse splash 5-25-2016 4-12-13 PM

We weren’t sure if he was in the water for relief from the flies, the heat or the other stallion, but it made for some interesting photos.

framed 5-25-2016 4-10-45 PM

We don’t recall ever seeing a horse out in the water that far or for that length of time.

splash 5-25-2016 4-08-21 PM

 Needless to say, I took photo, after photo,

splash2 5-25-2016 4-08-37 PM

After photo…

horse in wave 5-25-2016 4-55-53 PM

Some pictures just don’t need captions.

black stallion running 5-25-2016 4-11-22 PM

We lost count, but we estimated we saw 70+ horses on the beach that day.  Yes, it was a motherlode.

~These Days Of Mine~

Quick Friends

In Wednesday’s post, I mentioned Renee and Mike. It seemed a bit odd to call them friends, since we had just met them briefly on the beach last summer while taking pictures of the wild horses.

But sometimes, you just “click” with someone, and a friendship is quickly born.

After the farewell party for Baby William at the Corolla Wild Horse Facility a couple of weeks ago, Renee and Mike continued on to the Outer Banks to begin their vacation.  Motor Man and I returned home, but later in the week, made a quick trip to the beach to join our friends. They’d vacationed in the area before, but had never extensively explored the beach in search of horses.

We were on the beach at sunrise, our very favorite time of the day to be there. It requires early rising, but it is SO worth it.

sunrise 5-16-2016 5-55-22 AM

Shortly after picking up Renee and Mike for their tour, we hit the lottery.  One of Renee’s wishes was to see Baby North Star, so far the only Corolla foal born this spring.  And, sure enough, we saw her with her family, down by the ocean.

north star2 5-16-2016 8-20-27 AM

I’m sure Motor Man and Mike wondered just how many times two grown women could squeal with delight at seeing that tiny horse. We photographed them from our vehicle a good distance away and then watched as they walked right by us.  (More squeals.)

Here sits a most patient man...

Here sits a most patient man…

This tour company aims to please: here’s your photo op with Baby North Star, folks.

renee and mike 5-16-2016 8-21-31 AM

And I managed to get this one of North Star with the dune as a backdrop. It almost appears that she’s standing in front of wallpaper.

baby north star 5-16-2016 8-22-21 AM

After a morning of finding and photographing horse, we introduced Renee and Mike to one of our favorite lunch spots: Cap’n Franks. (Their treat: thanks again!) Afterward, we posed for a picture along with their two sweet canine family members, Bodhi and Beemer.

williams keens close up 5-16-2016 12-19-028

Renee and Mike are just proof that a friendship can come about in an instant. And those wild Corolla horses are responsible for this one.

~These Days Of Mine~