Daily Archives: April 12, 2012

A Family Sunday

Last Sunday, Motor Man’s family had a double celebration. Not only was it Easter Sunday, but we were also celebrating his dad’s 90th birthday.

Family gatherings have changed quite a bit since Motor Man and I have been married. All three of his nephews have since married and become fathers. There are four little ones under the age of three in the family now, and that makes for busy get-togethers.

 Our great niece, Livy, was there in her Easter bonnet.

Livy has a new baby sister, Lily.  I love this picture: our oldest family member is holding the youngest.

Our great nephews, Josey and Christian enjoyed a wagon ride.

Christian and his family live about an hour away, so Nanny and Gee-Gee don’t get to see him quite as often as their other great-grands.

There was some under-age driving,

Resulting in some minor “incidents”.

It was an afternoon of children playing, and relatives visiting and sharing a meal. And, as you might guess, more than a few pictures were taken.