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Tea At The Castle

Saturday provided yet another opportunity for me to visit Bacon’s Castle.   Preservation Virginia (the organization that owns the property) and The Regency Society of Virginia hosted a tea. And although I live in jeans, I decided it might be fun to dress up for a change.

“Tea at the Castle” has a nice ring, don’t you think?

Some of you may recall this room from previous posts.  The tea was held in the “Ladies’ Chamber”, which is a very special room to me: it’s where Motor Man and I were married. I was seated at this table…


…which had been placed in the exact spot where we took our vows.

On the menu: a salad of mini baby greens, creamy mini asparagus soup, tea sandwiches (cucumber, egg salad), tea cakes and scones.

Michelle Darnell met me at the Castle. She and her husband will be opening a Bed and Breakfast this spring at historic Belle Grove Plantation near Fredericksburg, Virginia. Michelle, seated beside me in this photo, has a passion for Belle Grove, similar to the one I have for the Castle. To read Michelle’s post about the Bacon’s Castle Tea, click here.

photo by The Regency Society of Virgnia

photo by The Regency Society of Virgnia

Following tea, we were taken on a tour of the Castle. During the tour, I met Jennifer, who’s in training to be one of the interpreters when Bacon’s Castle opens for the season next week. We discovered that my maternal grandmother was her great grandfather’s “step-aunt”.

Which proves that we Virginia gals not only know how to enjoy tea; we also know our roots.