Wordless Wednesday: Feline Leap Frog

An action shot by Marshall of his kitties, Chessie and Snugg.

leap frog

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24 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Feline Leap Frog

  1. Now that is a fast shutter!

  2. That’s so cute! Good capture Marshall…..not an easy task for sure……

    Pam (and Sam)

  3. Great capture! You have to be fast with cats.

  4. Great photo. Feel free to pop over and link up at Ms Mystery Case.

  5. Great form!.. 🙂 Those kitties have a great deck railing!

  6. Haha, this made me laugh this morning! 🙂 Such a cute shot.

  7. What a wonderful picture! This should win an award.

  8. Marshall was really quick on the draw to catch cats in action!

  9. You clearly know more about action photography than me! My shot would have been a blur!

  10. cute!

  11. .. & with an old LG 3.0 mega-pixel camera phone 😉
    He does this all the time, so I knew it was coming. I sort of just hit the button at random!
    Thanks for the feature and the comments !

  12. Great Shot!

  13. itsallaboutpurple

    cute, cute!! thanks marshall!!

  14. You are wordless. I’m speechless. 😀

  15. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Great shot Marshall made. Like Mother like son! Too cute.

  16. Great photo! I just posted a photo of my ginger and white cat for my WW.

  17. Looks like the Kitty Olympics! Nice capture, Marshall!

  18. What an awesome shot. Thanks for smile. Love them kitty-cats. 🙂

  19. Yes, why go around when I can jump over your head, LOL LOVE that pic, good timing!

  20. Amazing catch Dianna! Beauty in motion. 🙂

  21. You did a great job catching that!

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