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Long-Time Friends And Uncooperative Peacocks

Shirley was a classmate of mine through elementary and high school. As so often happens, we lost touch for many years, and recently reconnected. Now we get together occasionally with our mutual friends, Linda and Donna.

Shirley lives in her family’s old home place, and last week, I was invited there to take pictures of the peacocks. Apparently, it’s getting-together season for boy and girl peacocks, and supposedly, their feathers are “in full bloom”.

We’ll get to that later in this post.

First, here’s Shirley’s family home, over 200 years old; what a beautiful place.

shirleys house

I love this view from one of her windows.

from shirleys window

Her sunroom is so bright and cheerful. She, Linda and I had a nice visit there, reminiscing about old times. (Donna had joined us for lunch earlier, but then,  returned to work.) Then, the time had come: we went out to see the peacocks.


Shirley’s late mother named all the male peacocks, George, and all the females, Georgette. At this time, Shirley only has two peacocks, and they’re both males. George Number One wanted nothing to do with us. After teasing us with a quick glimpse, he made his way to the farthest corner of a shed, where he stayed during our entire visit.


George Number Two flew to the top of a drying trailer under another shed, where he decided to flaunt his feathers.

george on trailer

I have to wonder if anyone has ever taken pictures of a peacock from that angle before.

george bottoms up

Thankfully, peacock displays aren’t a requirement to spend a nice afternoon with long-time friends.

george last

Maybe next year…