“Adventure – Us”

Yes, I know that’s SUCH a corny title. But, we were rather adventurous last week when my niece, Donna, and her son, Connor visited. Today, I’m going to share some photos from our excursions.  Fasten your seat belts: it’s a fast-paced post.

As you may have expected, we made a day trip to the Outer Banks, where we saw 23 horses. As we came over one of the dunes, “Eagle-eye” Connor was the first to spot this little one and his mom.  This is baby Liberty, first discovered on Memorial Day weekend. The name was suggested by Corolla Wild Horse Fund Facebook page followers and became official.  He’s a brownish/gray color now, but I’m told he’ll grow to be a beautiful black stallion like his dad.

(zoom lens and photo was cropped after uploading)

(zoom lens and photo was cropped after uploading)

A few weeks ago, when Donna learned that Motor Man and I had gone on a hot air balloon ride, she and Connor decided they’d like to do that during their visit with us. So… off on another early morning adventure.

Connor and Motor Man helped the crew prepare the balloon for our launch.

fire jr connor 7-7-2016 6-55-10 AM

We flew over a lake…

lake and trees 7-7-2016 7-20-14 AM

…and saw our reflection.

balloon reflection in lake 7-7-2016 7-20-49 AM

And posed for a picture once we landed.

4 of us after ride 7-7-2016 7-42-50 AM

On their last full day with us, we traveled to Virginia’s Eastern Shore to the village of Chincoteague.  We took a boat tour, where we saw more horses, waterfowl and dolphin. Cap’n Fred even scooped up a horseshoe crab to show us – up close and personal.  He told us it was harmless and offered us the opportunity to touch it. Um, yeah.  Donna was the only one brave enough to take him up on that offer.

horseshoe crab 7-10-2016 12-13-31 PM

After a wonderful tour, it was time for yet another photo. Cap’n Fred was kind enough to join us.

4 of us2 7-10-2016 2-09-55 PM

It was nice to stay busy doing fun things, but, as you can imagine, that made the time go by so quickly.  Before we knew it,  it was time for Donna and Connor to head home.  Guess we’ll get to work on ideas for adventures for their next visit.

~These Days Of Mine~



15 responses to ““Adventure – Us”

  1. There’s always adventure in the air with you and Motor Man! I know you enjoyed your company and all the fun while they were here…..lots of memories made……and no doubt next visit will be full of fun too!


  2. It looks like you showed your family a good time. I love the photos taken over the lake…beautiful!

  3. And you only hit the beautiful (and colorful) highlights! They had a fun packed week doing all kinds of adventures of common interests, even taking time to visit Donna Red for lunch even though they had just eaten, just so they could visit for a while, for which I will always be greatful! Close family is a beautiful thing, and speaking of beautiful, these pictures are wonderful. Love the colt and balloons, but the happy family shots, priceless! Good weekend Dianna.

  4. A good time had by all… great smiles prove it!

  5. What a wonderful week full of family adventures. I just know they look forward to their visit with you as much as you look forward to their coming. What beautiful pictures too – who was brave enough to capture that reflection picture???

  6. Perfect adventure!!!! The best adventures make you want even more!

  7. It’s always fun to share your adventures!

  8. We loved all our adventures with all of you. But we do cherish those times where we are just chatting and laughing. There are always plenty of smiles and laughter to go around. Can’t wait for our next visit.

  9. Truly a fun filled adventure. Beautiful smiles on beautiful faces. Thanks for sharing your family adventure with us. Happy family memories made and shared together are precious treasures.

  10. They’ll be here again before you know it !
    Plenty of adventure this time.. that’s a great combo: spotting Liberty & taking a hot air balloon ride in the same trip !
    Great reflection pic !

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I don’t think any of you could ask for a better time together! Pictures are wonderful and you can see on your faces all the fun you all had.

  12. I’ve always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon. It looks like so much fun..

  13. Such a great adventure dear Dianna! Great photos too❤️❤️❤️

  14. You definitely had an adventure-us week full of fun with your family! They surely got to go home with great stories to tell.

  15. What a wonderful time! I’m so glad you had nice weather for your outings. Cool shot of the reflection!

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