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Mutual Of Omaha’s?

Motor Man has said many times that it’s a wild kingdom around our yard. And my pictures today prove that he’s correct.

Actually, he snapped this picture Sunday of our little resident hummie, having a snack.

hummie at feeder 7-24-2016 8-12-48 PM

Later in the day, I spotted this creature out by the water.  I’m guessing it’s a juvenile waterfowl of some sort, perhaps a heron? Some of my readers may be able to identify it for me.

unknown waterfowl 7-24-2016 5-52-22 PM

Monday, mid-afternoon (when our heat index was around 110), I noticed a deer, helping herself to the bird bath.

having a drink 7-25-2016 12-49-55 PM

And, then, using it for a scratching post. (By the way, although the squirrel looks real enough, that’s part of the bird bath. However, we DO have our share of squirrels here in the wild kingdom.)

scratching 7-25-2016 12-49-49 PM

And, then, along comes baby to have a drink from the “kid’s water fountain”.

mom and fawn 7-25-2016 12-50-18 PM

Yesterday, after having the above photos loaded for today’s blog post, I happened to walk in the kitchen to find this:

2 big birds2 7-26-2016 4-09-47 PM

The mystery bird from photo # 2 was perched on our deck railing, and he’d brought a friend (see lower railing).  What’s concerning to me is that I have a hummingbird feeder on the shepherd’s hook.  Could they have been possibly stalking my hummies?  We just can’t have that.

As I moved in for a closer picture, I got this shot as mystery bird took flight.

bird in flight 7-26-2016 4-12-13 PM

And that concludes this week’s report from our wild kingdom. Who knows what may show up around here next?

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