Wordless Wednesday: Christmas Week Visitors


~These Days Of Mine~

10 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Christmas Week Visitors

  1. WOW! Your ‘family’ has grown. It’s like they say ‘Everyone comes home for Christmas’. As much as they irritate me when they menace my garden and flowers, I still love seeing them.

  2. Lovely videeoh! Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

  3. You have a lot of Christmas visitors this year! They look healthy and content which always makes me smile.


  4. Maybe they just stopped by your house for a quick bite to eat on their way to audition at the North Pole for a chance to be one of Santa’s reindeer (even though they’re not reindeer – shhhh, don’t let them know that!). 😉

  5. How beautiful is that!! What a privilege to have such delightful visitors to your garden.

  6. As I always say :
    They know they’re safe there !

  7. Looks like they’re waiting for Rudolph and the sleigh. 😀

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    They just visited to tell their host thank you and Merry Christmas!!

  9. How lucky you are to have such visitors.

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