Daily Archives: January 2, 2017

Monday Morning Mews

HAPPY NEW YEAR, efurryone!  Sundae here, and I am pleased as can be that I am the first one of the Motor Family to wish you all a Happy 2017.

I’d like to share a few photos with you today from my Christmas. First, I love it each year when my pawrents put up our Christmas tree.  It’s so much fun to just sit under it, although I admit that I occasionally chew on the branches and bat at the ornaments. (I know: bad kitty.)


Motor Mommy always tries to get a picture of me looking at the tree. She thinks I look a little sad in this photo, but I think I look dreamy.  What do you think?


My “step-brofur”, Marshall, took this interesting picture of me.  He was sitting at the kitchen table with my pawrents on Christmas Eve, and there was an extra chair, so I jumped up in it – just to see what was going on. Not ON the table, of course. I’m not allowed to do that.  He says I look as if I’m wearing a bonnet….


So, Christmas night, I got revenge for that silly comment with a couple of little nips. (I know: bad kitty.) But I didn’t realize that Motor Mommy was actually FILMING it. Thank goodness, Santa had already come to visit before this happened.

Although Motor Mommy certainly doesn’t approve of me biting anyone, she does like that video; she says it’s so natural of Marshall. Now, if she just doesn’t send it to Santa Paws.

So the moral of this story is to always be good….you never know when Santa’s watching….or when someone is nearby with a video camera.

~These Days Of Mine~