Daily Archives: January 9, 2017

Monday Morning Mews

Happy Monday! This is Gypsy, and it’s my week to share Monday Morning Mews with you.

Evidently, the arrival of the New Year must have inspired Motor Mommy.  One day last week, she tidied up and dusted her desk and vacuumed the office. The next day, she cleaned out file cabinets and packed away last year’s files in storage boxes. She also used that noisy monster machine thing she calls a paper shredder. That left little paper snippets all over the floor, and rather than drag out the vacuum again (which disturbs me greatly), she just used a broom to tidy up the office.

All that work just made me so very tired, I couldn’t seem to hold my head up or keep my eyes open….


It’s true: snoopervising is extremely hard work for a kitty.

~These Days Of Mine~