Daily Archives: March 1, 2017

Wild One(s)

Sunday, Motor Man and I made one of our frequent day trips to the Outer Banks. We only saw five horses, but although we always like to see as many as possible, we enjoy our trip regardless.  They’re still wearing their furry winter coats, which have probably been a bit uncomfortable of late. (Our temps have been unseasonably warm recently. Saturday’s high temperature was near 80.)


Even though we only saw a few horses, we were treated to a show (sound on):


I believe it to be a couple of stallions, and although it WAS quite a show, I don’t know how serious they were about the fight. Oh, it looked real enough, but just seconds after I took that video, the three of them stopped for lunch. Together.


Speaking of lunch, Motor Man and I had packed ours.  We enjoyed an in-the-vehicle picnic while looking out at the Atlantic.


And “Summer Breeze” played on the radio.

~These Days Of Mine~