Monday Morning Mews

This week’s Mews brought to you by ME, Gypsy!

Last week, my pawrents noticed that I wasn’t spending as much time in my kitty bed as I usually do.  It’s right on the counter in the front office, which is a purrfect location, because I’m able to see efurryone who comes to our shop.

Motor Mommy realized the stuffing in my bed had flattened out, so she “fluffed” it up really nice, and guess what?

I jumped right in and settled down. Efurryone knows that a kitty can’t be expected to sleep in a bed with no floof.

Oh, in addition to my “Boss Lady” plaque,  I have a new sign: “CATS WELCOME, (people tolerated)”.

I don’t really feel that way, of course. I know that people who come to our shop are just there to visit ME.

~These Days Of Mine~

8 responses to “Monday Morning Mews

  1. Oh I agree – a flat bed is not a comfy bed – and a comfy bed means a happy cat! Enjoy that re-fluffed up bed Bosslady!


  2. Well of course people come in just to visit you Gypsy. You are the queen of the shop!

  3. Motor Mommy sure did a good thing by fluffing up your bed. You’re what keeps the office going and gives your Motor Pawrents a reason to smile and enjoy their job.

  4. I am glad your Mom fluffed up your bed for you. I have a sign on my porch that says pets welcome, children must be on a leash 🙂

  5. But it’s always good to see it in writing !
    Glad you got refluffed, too !

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    We always knew who was in charge didn’t we, Gypsy 🙂

  7. Good Afternoon, Gypsy! A fluffy bed is a must for kitties and your Mom knew that! Glad your bed is back up to Boss Lady standards. You have some pretty eyes, Gypsy!

  8. Gypsy! DarlinG! OF course the peoples that comes, comes to sees yous! As does all the visitor to our house comes to sees mes!
    And mes LOVES your signs!
    Mes wants one

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