A Photogenic Evening

Wednesday evening was just gorgeous.  I took lots of pictures, and I’m sharing several of them with you today.

It had been very overcast earlier in the day. As it so often does, when the sun came out late in the day, it made for an interesting, changing sky.

This first caught my eye around 5:30.

Meanwhile, I took this from the other side of our yard.  Those two black dots in the upper right corner of the picture are military helicopters. (I had my very own personal fly-over.)

It was one of those days when I’d look outside, be amazed at what I saw, run out to take pictures, come back in, look outside a little later, be amazed at what I saw, run out to take pictures….and repeat. This was about 15 minutes later.

A few minutes later…

Still later…

Getting close to sunset.

And closer…

Many times, when we are out and about in the evenings, we’ll see a breathtaking sunset, and I’ll wish I was at home to get pictures.

I’m  glad I was there for this one.

~These Days Of Mine~

14 responses to “A Photogenic Evening

  1. I love your pictures. It brings peace and joy into my day.

  2. Beautiful series……skies are so magical as they can change TOTALLY so quickly. I thought you ALWAYS had your camera with you wherever you and JR wander!!


  3. Beautiful! Stunning sunset but the day time pictures are just as stunning. Perfect way to start my morning. Thank you!

  4. What beautiful scenery the Lord paints. So glad you capture it for us. And I agree with Mary that they bring peace and joy into our day.

  5. what lovely pictures, dianna –

  6. Stunning! What a wonderful view.

  7. Beautiful pictures. The skies and clouds have been spectacular lately. I’m almost afraid to drive because I get so engrossed in them.

  8. That surely was one photogenic evening – one enchanted evening you might say. The photos are absolutely gorgeous.

  9. It was definitely a sky evening .. amazing images .
    it’s all about the depth at times like these !

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    So peaceful and lovely. I truly enjoy your wonderful pictures, Dianna. God has given you a great talent. ❤

  11. A beautiful sky! The clouds are awesome! Love the sailboats in their slips. It already looks like a summer sky!

  12. Stunning, breathtaking and absolutely gorgeous. ~applause~

  13. Love these awesome photos of God’s creation changing everyday as we watch and walk among his work. It teaches us of His omnipresence’s love for us. He decorates where we live. I am thankful and blessed to see His work. Thanks for sharing. I live on the Gulf coast of Florida and thus looks like our tapestry. Where is it?

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