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Monday Morning Mews: I’m Four!

Hello, faithful readers: Gypsy here with the Mews and an announcement.  My birthday is this week!

The first time my pawrents saw me was a summer night in August, 2013. When they found me at the back door of their shop,  I was tiny, scared, alone and shivering. But they took me in, and Motor Mommy held me. Look how little I was!

They spent a couple of days calling all the vet’s offices and the animal shelter and putting up “found kitten” notices in our neighborhood. When they got no response, they decided that I was officially theirs and took me for a check-up at the vet.  He said that, since I weighed two pounds (two whole pounds!), he estimated my age to be two months.  So my pawrents gave me the birthday of June 15.

(June 16 is another important date in our family, and Motor Mommy will post about that on Friday.)

And guess what? Someone already brought me a birthday present! This is our friend, Bruce.  My pawrents met Bruce through the racing world, and he loves kitties.

He stopped by our shop last week (on racing business), and he brought me a present!  A cute little toy ball with feathers attached. Of course, he didn’t really know my birthday was coming up soon…. he just brought me a toy ’cause he’s so nice.

It’s really fun to play with; I’ve been batting it all around our office. Bruce actually brought me two of these and told Motor Mommy to save the other one in case this one gets broken. (I think his actual words were: ‘here’s an extra one in case she tears up the first one.’ Wonder what he meant by that??)

Thanks for the prezzie, Bruce! You can come visit me anytime…..and you don’t even have to bring me anything.

Happy Birthday to me!  

~These Days Of Mine~