Daily Archives: June 26, 2017

Monday Morning Mews: Mani-Pedi

Hello, These Days fans! Gypsy reporting in with this week’s Mews.

As most of you know, my home is the office at my pawrents’ shop. I’m actually in charge there: I even have a plaque near my bed that says “Boss Lady”. But a kitty with claws in an office with carpet can present some challenges.

Motor Mommy is very good about keeping my claws trimmed, so I won’t have claw snags. She frequently says that I need a “mani-pedi” (whatever THAT is).  And Motor Man always helps.  Ever since I adopted them when I was two months old, he and I have had a special bond.

So when it’s time for my mani-pedi, Motor Man holds me and talks softly to me. (You can even see the little claw snippets on his shirt.)

I immediately relax, and Motor Mommy is able to trim my claws with no problem.

Mom, really?! What happened to my head?

Do I have the life or what…?

I wish every kitty had a family like mine.

PeeEss: the plaque on Motor Man’s desk says: “Living in the fast lane, until I married a speed bump”. He and his racing buddies think that’s pretty funny.

~These Days Of Mine~