Daily Archives: July 5, 2017

Wildlife Wednesday: The Fine China

Welcome to this week’s edition of Wildlife Wednesday in our yard.

For quite some time, I’ve been feeding a small group of mallards. Since we also have Canada geese (that I DON’T want to feed), I sometimes put corn for the ducks in an old Cool Whip container rather than scattering it on the ground.  That way, the ducks finish the corn, I bring in the container and, many times, this happens before the geese even really that a feeding session is taking place.

One day last week, I had put corn in the container and happened to notice a deer in a far area of the yard. I went back in the garage for a minute or two, then glanced out to see this:

Missy Deer had just hurried right over and was helping herself to the duck’s corn.

Not being one to let a blog opportunity pass by, I hurried inside for my camera. There is sound (me, in my raspy early-morning voice, trying to work a deal with her, but she didn’t commit).


She was probably about 6 feet from me when I was videoing.

As you can see – and hear – the ducks waited patiently, and when she was done, I served them breakfast.  Just another morning at the wildlife refuge.


~These Days Of Mine~