Wildlife Wednesday: The Fine China

Welcome to this week’s edition of Wildlife Wednesday in our yard.

For quite some time, I’ve been feeding a small group of mallards. Since we also have Canada geese (that I DON’T want to feed), I sometimes put corn for the ducks in an old Cool Whip container rather than scattering it on the ground.  That way, the ducks finish the corn, I bring in the container and, many times, this happens before the geese even really that a feeding session is taking place.

One day last week, I had put corn in the container and happened to notice a deer in a far area of the yard. I went back in the garage for a minute or two, then glanced out to see this:

Missy Deer had just hurried right over and was helping herself to the duck’s corn.

Not being one to let a blog opportunity pass by, I hurried inside for my camera. There is sound (me, in my raspy early-morning voice, trying to work a deal with her, but she didn’t commit).


She was probably about 6 feet from me when I was videoing.

As you can see – and hear – the ducks waited patiently, and when she was done, I served them breakfast.  Just another morning at the wildlife refuge.


~These Days Of Mine~


9 responses to “Wildlife Wednesday: The Fine China

  1. Such a pretty little doe……I’m sure the ducks were happy when she moved on though!


  2. She reminds me of an old Yorkshire saying ” Hear all- say nowt” (nothing),
    “Eat all – pay nowt.”

    It continues….
    “And if thee (you) do owt (anything) for nowt you do it for theesen “(yourself)

    It’s such a cute video, you provide such wonderful meals for all your near neighbours, and lots of entertainment for us.

  3. She is a beauty.

  4. This cracked me up. Your ducks were not too happy with her I am sure. Sweet video.

  5. Wild Kingdom, once again !!
    Great vid, she just stepped right up …..

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    The cutest video! I was beginning to think the ducks were going to rebel.

  7. Hilarious!!! ….And the ducks caught her ‘red handed’!! Hope she leaves your plants alone in return.

  8. ~Applause~ The video is a peach. Thar doe is so trusting and content to eat the duck food. The fussing ducks didn’t seem to bother her at all.
    I wish I had as steady a hand videoing as you do. Well done.

  9. Aw-oh, now you’ve made a friend for life! Deer love corn. I’m just going to start calling you the Deer Whisperer. Ha. And those ducks were like, ‘get out, get out, get out of our diner!”

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