Rain…And Sun

As of last week, things were pretty dry in our neck of the woods.  I was trying, with moderate success, to keep up with watering my plants, but the lawn was almost a lost cause.

The much-needed rain came Friday evening. The first shower brought us a half inch, and later in the evening, another inch and a half fell at a somewhat slower pace.

I took this picture (from inside the garage door) during the first shower.  It was absolutely pouring….while the sun was shining.

There was a rainbow, but, unfortunately, it was too faint to capture.

My plants, and the lawn,  were saying: “ah…….feels so good coming down.”

And I was just thankful.

~These Days Of Mine~

5 responses to “Rain…And Sun

  1. Neat picture! Now, if only we could get some rain. We only got 1/2 inch on Friday, and that’s long gone. We’ll keep and eye to the sky and pray.

  2. Glad you got some refreshing rain for your parched lawn and the plants (that are left after your deer smorgasbord).

  3. We’ve been hoping for rain up here too but not getting it……I love it when it’s raining like mad and the sun’s out……!


  4. great pic!
    Sun & rain ..
    thats how we keep the humidity up !

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