If You Don’t Like Horses…

…then, you may as well move along.  Nothing to see here today but horses.

Yes, today, I’m sharing pictures from our most recent trip to the Outer Banks. I seem to say this a lot about our trips there, but it was a gorgeous day: temps on the beach were upper 70’s to 80 while we were there, a breeze off the ocean, just a perfect windows-down-arm-out-the-window kinda day.

And the fact that we saw 51 horses was a nice bonus.

I’m thinking this might be a future calendar entry.

Mmmmm….yummy sea oats.

And I also liked this one.

And this one:

But, by far, the highlight of the day was seeing the newest member of the herd: a filly, born just one week ago.

When I first spotted her, she was lying down.   We were stopped a good distance away, so we waited patiently, for probably 15-20 minutes. Thankfully, I noticed her ear twitching, then she swished her tail, so I knew she was okay.  Mom stood watch over her, and I’m guessing that’s dad in the background.

Finally, she awoke from her nap.

Look at that sweet curly little tail.

And a zoomed in (and later cropped) pic as she walked into the brush.  Her name hasn’t been announced yet; hopefully we’ll see her again in our travels.

And I’d just like to publicly thank my Motor Man for being the patient man that he is.

~These Days Of Mine~

15 responses to “If You Don’t Like Horses…

  1. What’s not to like about these gorgeous animals? And that filly………..Several of these pics are calendar worthy! Everyone should see them. Glad you had such a weather perfect day – there haven’t been many of those lately.

  2. These are definitely calendar worthy. I think you could do your very own calendar with your wonderful shots. Thanks to you and Motor Man for the amazing photos. Love these.

  3. Wow wOrd Wednesday…”Remarkable” Thanks for sharing.

  4. I can’t imagine anyone not liking your wild horse pictures! Always lovely and always entertaining and definitely calendar worthy. I agree with Beth Ann that you could do your own calendar. And giving us a glimpse at that new little gal? So great! What a cutie with her curly tail! Your Motor Man’s patience rivals my hubby’s. Both of them are so willing to let us wait for the perfect photos and even turn the car around and go back for one. We definitely have keepers, Dianna!

  5. Omg omg omg….these are phenomenal!!!@ I always love horse pics with the little “cattle egrets” (I know-ironic) and these are great! The glossy coats, pulling of the sea oats. The family with the baby laying down….this group may exceed your other horse pictures. But how can one Tell? They are all so good!! Job wellllll done!! Love these pics.

  6. OMG! Great photos! Love them!!

  7. Wow! – what an assortment today !
    hard to pick a fave !

    So glad you were able to spot the new filly ..
    & I’m sure you will be updating us once her name is announced !

  8. Oh what precious photos! And #1photo is definitely a calendar must. But I love ’em all and especially the baby. 🙂

  9. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Perfect pictures of beautiful subjects!!

  10. The newest addition is adorable – will be fun to find out what her name is!


  11. Awesome. I love your wonderful horse photos, they’re such happy scenes. The colt is adorable. I look forward to knowing her name.

  12. Wow!! Wow, wow, wow, what wonderful photos that truly capture the sweet and majestic beauty of these creatures. Every single photo is an entry! You should make a collage, make wallpaper, wrapping paper, tablecloths, bedspreads! Oh these are magnificent. I about died when I saw little curly tail. So glad you and Motor Man have the love and patience to enjoy these beauties and share the experience with others. Thank you for such a treat.

  13. Amazing photos, they are beautiful.

  14. Awesome photos! Fellow horse-lover right here 🙂

  15. Aww, these are wonderful! Horses are beautiful.

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