Monday Morning Mews

Good morning, readers! Sundae here. It’s my turn to post today, but since I’ve led a rather uneventful life recently (and that’s a good thing), I’ve asked Motor Mommy to help me out this morning.   We have quite a few new readers,  so she’s going to share a kitty-related post she wrote some time ago. Enjoy!

Today’s post is inspired by this flag that I bought recently at the shop owned by Marshall and his dad. (Marshall recommended it; he knew I’d like it.)

9 cats one

So I began thinking of some of the cats that have owned me through the years. Believe me, there have been many more than nine.

One of the first cats I remember was Muffin (Muff, for short). Muff was a soft, long-haired muted brown cat. I remember her being very sweet and gentle.  And Mom seemed to like her more than some of my other cats. Sadly, Muff was lying in a pile of leaves in our driveway one day when we came home, and my Mom didn’t see her.  Mom and I were both heartbroken.

Another cat from my childhood was a short-haired white cat, named Lace. One day, probably because I pleaded and begged, Mom agreed that we could take Lace on a car ride with us to my sister’s house, about 20 miles away. Lace didn’t care much for the ride.  She. Was. Distraught. She meowed and paced all over the car, including on top of my Mom’s head – while she was driving. I’m pretty sure that was Lace’s only car trip.

Before Marshall was born, his dad and I had two cats: a gray and white one, named Hot Dog (after Dennis the Menace’s cat), and a black cat named Mr. Poovie. Remember the old Gomer Pyle show? Gomer’s girlfriend was Lou Anne Poovie. One day, we were watching that show, and Gomer was calling after Lou Anne’s dad: “Mr. Poovie! Mr. Poovie!”.  And, sometimes, that’s how you select a cat’s name.

Also before Marshall was born, his dad and I had been to see the movie, Smokey And The Bandit when it was showing in theaters. When we came home, there was a little gray tabby kittten on our front porch. Of course, we named him Bandit, and he was with us for about seven years, including Marshall’s early childhood. (Click to enlarge)

Later, Miss Piggy, who belonged to a neighbor, decided she’d rather live with us. (No, we did NOT name her.) Soon, she presented us with two kittens, Callie and Stormy.

miss piggy

Of course, you know about my late kitty, Beezy, my feline soul mate.

db and beezy 5-5-2007 6-20-18 PM

And, our current kitty, this little scamp.

sundae curled

So, you see, I’m more than qualified to have that 9 cats garden flag.

Today’s edit:  Since this post was published on May 24, 2013, Motor Man and I have been adopted by Gypsy.

 And Marshall has three kitties: Snugg, Chessie and Screamer.  Snugg and Chessie are pictured here.

And here’s Chessie and Screamer.

Sundae hopes you’ve enjoyed this little “rerun”, and she’ll try to have something NEW to share for her next Monday Morning Mews.

~These Days Of Mine~

8 responses to “Monday Morning Mews

  1. Reruns are wonderful. I missed it the first time so it was all brand new to me. Love all the kitties that have paraded through your lives. So precious.

  2. Some of us were just plain born to be cat Moms – AND we love every minute of it!


  3. Some cute kiddos and cute felines you have there! I had an awesome cat, Maddie, who would “watch over” our young laborador puppy by “cleaning” her face. Every time the dog tried to move away, she would get a gentle swat by my cat as a reminder to stay still. It was so funny. Cats have so much personality!

  4. Some reruns you can just ‘watch’ over and over again and this was one of them for sure! Your post caused me to remember all the kitties that have been in my life: Skippy, Suzy, Snuffy, Buttons, and his sidekick Bows, Winky, Toby, Jasmine, and my beloved and best dearly departed Callie. Nine kitties! Guess I qualify for that cute flag too! 🙂

  5. Pretty cats. 🙂 My favorite we’ve had was a long haired black & white, named,”Boots”. We had him for 18 or so years while the kids were growing up.

  6. Quite a list !
    yep – we have a new one..
    we’re wondering what the vet will say when they ask
    “what’s his name?”
    and we say

    I guess we’ll see !

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Sundae, you and Gypsy are so blessed to have found a family that love kitties!! Love all the pics.

  8. Nice to learn about your past and present furbabies.

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