Monday Morning Mews – Selfie

Hello, furriends – Gypsy here this week with the mews.

Today, I’m sharing a selfie that Motor Mommy and I took recently.

Now, here is my observation on this picture.  Motor Mommy is obviously trying to look  young and cute as attractive as she can. And, if you’ve ever taken a selfie, you know that can sometimes be difficult.

As for me, I would be interested in your opinion as to just what my feelings were at that purrticular moment:  Annoyed? Unhappy? Trying to look ferocious?

Please leave your opinion in the comments.  This should be furry interesting….

~These Days Of Mine~


15 responses to “Monday Morning Mews – Selfie

  1. Studied indifference – ” well, I suppose I’ll have to humour her”

  2. It’s my day….not yours!

  3. I would say “tolerant” and just trying to appease Motor Mommy who is looking beautiful as always!

  4. Gypsy, you and your pawrent are both very photogenic!

  5. “Gosh Mom……I thought selfies were all about ME!”…………….

  6. I really think she looks content! Eyes a little squinty, in a safe happy place. 🙂

  7. Knowing and smug cos she knows she has everyone wrapped round her paws lol

  8. Great selfie.

  9. I see the expression of a cat who knows it will be over … soon … maybe …
    ; )

  10. I’m thinking Gypsy is saying to herself, “Here we go again…my Motor Mommy and her camera. Well, okay, I’ll indulge her one more time because after all, this selfie is for my fans.”

  11. Really Mom, another picture. I do love the angle of this view though!

  12. I don’t know what you were feeling but I think you both look great.

  13. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    OK Ok if we have too! lol

  14. You are such a cutie and you know it.

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