Monday Morning Mews: Crafting

Happy Monday, readers! Sundae here with this week’s mews.

Sometimes, Motor Mommy likes to celebrate those “National Days”, and last Saturday was National Card Making Day.

So I decided to celebrate right along with her. Let’s see….wonder what I do with this thing called ‘adhesive’?

And look at these little things. I think Motor Mommy calls those “embellishments”.

And, in the end, exactly how did I celebrate the day?

By batting everything I possibly could on the floor.

I AM, after all, a cat…..

~These Days Of Mine~

8 responses to “Monday Morning Mews: Crafting

  1. Seems like you celebrated MOST appropriately for a feline!

    Hugs, Teddy

  2. Buddy and Holly are right there with you. They are most helpful when I make cards.

  3. I hope you got a nap in after all that work !

  4. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    How sweet of you, Sundae, to sharing card day with you mommy, What better helper could she have.

  5. That is a pretty card, you did a nice job helping,

  6. Sundae you’re such a creative kitty. I think your solution was the funnest way to craft.

  7. I can just see Sundae batting things away. She’s an awfully cute assistant!

  8. Oh Sundae, you are SO helpful! 😉 And Motor Mommy does make beautiful cards.

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