Monday Morning Mews: “Chaos”

Hello, efurryone! Gypsy here with the mews today.

It was a really interesting week around our shop.

Someone replaced a couple of fluorescent light bulbs in our office early in the week.  The cover is one that’s hinged on one side and opens on the other. Later in the day, while my pawrents were out running an errand, the cover fell open.  It scared me SO badly that, when my pawrents got back, I was hiding under a desk.  It took a while for me to regain my composure, which as you know, is very impawtant for us kitties.

THEN, Motor Man needed to do some work: he needed to “CC a cylinder head”.   It was very cold out in the shop, so he put the head on a big rolling cart and brought it in the my office where it was nice and warm.  That was quite a shock to me- having that strange THING in my space, but before long, I jumped up on one of the shelves to investigate. I also watched closely as he worked on the cylinder head.

All passed my inspection, and once Motor Man finished his work,  he moved the cart back out into the shop.

Whew! So maybe “chaos” was a little too strong a word, but I do hope this week is a quieter one at my office. I’m simply not accustomed to all this STUFF happening.

~These Days Of Mine~



7 responses to “Monday Morning Mews: “Chaos”

  1. Cylinder Chaos! – that’s a lot for a kitty to take in ‘her’ space. You handled it well….and looked good doing it.

  2. Anything out of the ordinary can certainly be “chaos” in our little worlds that’s for sure Gypsy. I bet it actually was fun having your Motor Man in your office working – you got to keep an eye on him and his project AND take advantage of being on up on a shelf for a “birds eye view” of what he was doing! Ooops – did I say “bird” ??????? Happy Monday.

    Hugs, Teddy

  3. Gypsy probably need a lot of lap time to compensate for all the trauma. Coincidentally, the timing could not have been better. Hoping for a quieter, more restful week for Gypsy, and her friend.

  4. Hope this week is quieter for you sweet Gypsy!

  5. Whew! Too much excitement, huh Gypsy?

  6. Glad you regained composure ! .. the Boss Lady has to be cool & collected !

  7. Oh Gypsy, you are a very brave kitty to survive all these frightening things.

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