Monday Morning Mews: A Troubling E-mail

Hello, blog readers! This is Gypsy, and on today’s Monday Morning Mews, I have an upsetting email to share with you.

First of all, I’ve been exposed to a computer ever since I was a very young kitty and came to live at my pawrents’ shop.

I’ve helped Motor Man with plenty of research on horsepower.

And I love checking out one of my favorite blogs. It started out as ‘One Spoiled Cat’ and was written by my good friend, Sammy.  When Sammy went to Rainbow Bridge, he continued writing a bit. His pawrents adopted  a new ginger kitty named Teddy, and now he writes many of the posts.  Their mommy, Miss Pam, changed the name of the blog to ‘Two Spoiled Cats‘. You should check it out!

Now….Motor Mommy doesn’t know this, but I recently figured out to log on to her email account when she wasn’t at work. And I wish I hadn’t, because I saw THIS:

Hello Dianna!

We wanted to send you a friendly reminder because our records indicate that Gypsy is due for the following services and items:

Date Due Services and Items for Gypsy
Mar 9, 2018 FECAL EXAM
Mar 9, 2018 RABIES FEL 1YR

Hmmmm…. I have a very strong feeling that there is some poking, prodding and needle sticks in my immediate future.

But, my vet is a super nice lady who tells me what a pretty girl I am, so it won’t be TOO bad.

And, Motor Mommy, purrhaps you should change your password…..

~These Days Of Mine~

10 responses to “Monday Morning Mews: A Troubling E-mail

  1. Well dear Gypsy we are happy one of your favorite blogs is US! We always enjoy hearing how your position as “Shop Manager” is coming along and it seems you have everything well in hand – oops I mean paw. As for that email you saw by accident (!), I’m afraid you will have to accept that the vet visit is inevitable – your Mom and Dad are determined to take the BESTEST care of you…….so just remember as you get prodded – it’s all for love!

    Hugs, Teddy

  2. 🙂 Made me smile on this rainy Monday! And take heart, well checks are so much easier than sick visits!

  3. Good luck Gypsy. Short lived trauma you will soon forget. I just can’t figure put how you remember those passwords? 😊

  4. Your friend Athena here. Let me tell you what I have done. I have REFUSED to get in the carrier. Violently refused. I am now 10 months old and still have all my lady parts intact. So as of today, I am still winning!

  5. Awwww. Gypsy.
    ..there are perils in knowing too much. But the nice lady lady vet will make it all o.k.

  6. All those things listed are for your own good !

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Well, Gypsy, maybe just this one time you outsmarted yourself lol Just remember your pawrents love you and just want you to stay healthy. ❤

  8. Sorry Gypsy, but you know what our two-legged pets are always saying, “It’s for your own good!” Arf, Casey Jones

  9. Yikes, Gypsy. Maybe you better stop reading Motor Mom’s emails!

  10. Oh my… Good luck, Gypsy!

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